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MB2-704 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most AccurateMicrosoft MB2-704 Dumps Exam Q&As:

You are a sales representative at a trade show. A trade show attendee leaves a business card at your company’s booth.You need to enter the attendee’s information into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the sales team to qualify. Which record type should you create?
A. Contact
B. Account
C. Opportunity
D. Lead
MB2-704 exam Correct Answer: D
You own an opportunity but need to allow other users to view and edit it. What should you do?
A. Create a connection for a team, add the sales team role, and add the connection to the opportunity.
B. Add users to the access team on the opportunity.
C. Add users to the access team template.
D. Create a connection for each user, add the sales team role, and add the connection to the opportunity.
Correct Answer: B
You are adding products to an opportunity.You want to calculate the estimated revenue based on the products added.What should you do to enable this function?
A. Set the estimated budget.
B. Configure the exchange rate.
C. Use write-in products.
D. Add a price list
MB2-704 dumps Correct Answer: C
What is the purpose of the business process flow in the opportunity form?
A. To show other users who are collaborating on the opportunity
B. To provide a sales script for the salesperson to use when speaking to a potential customer
C. To show the current stage in the sales lifecycle
D. To enforce entry of mandatory fields
Correct Answer: C
You need to ensure that lead qualification is automated and occurs when a field on the Lead Form is set to a certain value. What should you do?
A. Switch the business process flow to set the status of the lead to qualified when the condition is met.
B. Create a business process flow that automatically sets the status of the lead to qualified when the condition is met.
C. Create a dialog that automatically sets the status of the lead to qualified when the condition is met.
D. Create a workflow that automatically sets the status of the lead to qualified when the condition is met.
MB2-704 pdf Correct Answer: D
A staff member at your client organization sends you an email message, inquiring about a product that the client might buy.
After you track the email message, what should you do?
A. Convert the email message to the opportunity.
B. Convert the email message to an account and contact.
C. Create a quote, and link the email message to the quote.
D. Create an order, and link the email message to the order.
Correct Answer: A
You are creating a goal for the number of phone calls made versus the number of phone calls scheduled.You need to establish the number of scheduled calls for your organization. Which value provides this information?
A. In-progress
B. Actual
C. Closed
D. Target
MB2-704 vce Correct Answer: A
You want to share a personal chart that you created.Who can you share your chart with? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.
A. Resource group
B. Access team
C. Team
D. User
Correct Answer: CD
Each member of your sales team must earn an individual sales revenue quota for the year in order to receive a bonus. You create the goal metric and identify the Metric Type as Amount and the Amount Data Type as Money. You need to complete the configuration of the goal metric.What should you do?
A. Add rollup fields.
B. Create goals.

C. Create fiscal years.
D. Create rollup queries.
MB2-704 exam Correct Answer: A
You create an Advanced Find view that consists of columns from the account entity. Which action is possible when customizing the view?
A. Adding columns from related of records
B. Creating three levels of sort criteria
C. Setting the option to filter columns to ensure it displays by default when opening the view
D. Merging two columns into one
Correct Answer: A
You create an opportunity report by using the Report Wizard. The report returns too many records.You need to reduce the number of records returned by the report. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
Choose two.
A. Make the report a personal report.
B. Reduce the number of columns.
C. Designate a top or bottom number.
D. Apply a filter.
MB2-704 dumps Correct Answer: CD
You need to create a dashboard that will include an external website.Which component should you add?
A. Quick view
B. Sub-grid
D. Web resource
Correct Answer: C
You create a new entitlement. What is the initial status of the entitlement?
A. Active
B. Waiting
C. Created
D. Draft
MB2-704 pdf Correct Answer: D
You create a new case that includes a service level agreement (SLA). You place the case on hold because you need to wait for additional information from the customer. What is the status of the SLA key performance indicator (KPI) instance record related to the case?
A. Failed
B. In progress
C. On hold
D. Paused
Correct Answer: D

MB2-704 dumps

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