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Question 1:

A technician needs to add storage to a workstation. The workstation does not have room to add any internal storage, so the technician plans to add an external storage device. Which of the following connection types should the technician MOST likely use?





Correct Answer: B

Question 2:


Drag each mobile technology to the description of its use. Some answers will not be used.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Question 3:

A user submits a help desk ticket regarding a smartphone that will no longer accept its charging cable. The assigned technician notices the phone does not have a protective case, and the user constantly transports the phone in a pocket. The technician attempts to use a secondary charger, but the cable falls out of the phone. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. The phone requires a firmware update to address charging issues.

B. The charge port contains foreign objects, such as lint.

C. The phone\’s battery has swelled, preventing the utilization of the charge port.

D. The phone has experienced water damage, thus the battery is not charging.

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

A technician installed a Cat 5 UTP cable approximately 275ft (84m) from a network switch in an office to a workstation located on a factory floor The technician sees both a flashing green LED and a flashing orange LED on the workstation\’s NIC. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Check the RJ45 end connectors, the jacks, and the ends of the run of the Cat 5 UTP cable for loose connections, pinched bends, and visible damage.

B. Install a powered hub as close as possible to the halfway point in the Cat 5 UTP cable run.

C. Replace the entire run of the Cat 5 UTP cable with Cat 5 STP cable.

D. Upgrade the entire cable run to multimode fiber.

Correct Answer: A

The flashing green LED on the NIC indicates that the NIC is receiving power, and the flashing orange LED indicates that the NIC is attempting to establish a network connection. Since the technician installed a Cat 5 UTP cable for this connection, the issue is most likely related to the cable or the connectors. Therefore, the technician should first check the RJ45 end connectors, the jacks, and the ends of the run of the Cat 5 UTP cable for loose connections, pinched bends, and visible damage.

Question 5:


Drag and drop the IP address next to the appropriate description.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Question 6:

A user accidentally spills liquid on a laptop. The user wants the device to be fixed and would like to know how much it will cost. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to verify if the device is repairable before committing to a price? (Choose two.)

A. Remove the case and organize the parts.

B. Document the screw locations.

C. Search the Internet for repair tutorials.

D. Consult colleagues for advice.

E. Place the device in rice for a few days.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 7:

A network administrator receives a ticket following a power outage that states the wireless network is down. The administrator discovers the SSID is broadcasting, but data is not being transmitted. Which of the following should the network administrator do FIRST?

A. Restart the access point

B. Reset the access point to the default

C. Change the access point\’s frequency

D. Replace the access point\’s patch cable

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

A technician is adding one more line at the demarcation point. Which of the following tools would be MOST useful to accomplish this task?

A. Toner

B. Punchdown

C. Network tap

D. Crimper

Correct Answer: B

Punchdown tools are used to connect wires to keystone jacks, patch panels and other communication hardware. When adding a new line at the demarcation point, a technician would use a punch-down tool to punch the wire into the keystone jack or patch panel, completing the connection.

Question 9:

Which of the following would MOST likely be used to connect one or more devices to the Internet in a SOHO?

A. Hub

B. Ethernet gateway

C. Wireless access point

D. Router

Correct Answer: D


Question 10:

A technician responds to a help desk ticket that indicates a user\’s workstation is not booting. The technician initially suspects a failed hard drive. The technician performs diagnostics and confirms the hard drive is fully operational.

Which of the following steps should the technician complete NEXT?

A. Reinstall the operating system.

B. Configure a new RAID array.

C. Report the status of the drive and close the ticket.

D. Consider another possible cause of the issue.

E. Restore the latest backup of the system.

Correct Answer: E

Since the hard drive appears to be functioning normally, the technician should investigate other potential causes of the issue. This could include checking the BIOS settings, verifying the connections to the hard drive, and testing the RAM. Once these steps have been completed, the technician can then take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Question 11:

A technician is troubleshooting a point-of-sale primer that Is printing blank receipts. Which o(following should the technician do to resolve the Issue?

A. Verify the correct type of paper is loaded.

B. Install the latest print driver.

C. Check to see if the default printer has been changed.

D. Ensure the printer is connected to power.

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

Which of the following should the data center hardware technician implement to ensure maximum uptime for customers\’ virtual machines?

A. Line conditioner

B. AC voltage regulator

C. Uninterruptible power supply

D. Cloud storage backup

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

A developer is requesting permission to utilize client-side visualization. The developer would like to write code in a setting isolated from other infrastructure to avoid the negative impacts of experimental code. Which of the following provides the BEST solution for the developer?

A. Cross-platform functionality

B. Software compatibility

C. Test case development

D. Sandbox environment

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

A customer recently moved a high-end graphics card from a known-working computer to a different computer. The computer works without issue when viewing email and web pages or when using certain applications. However, when a game with high-end graphics requirements is opened, the program will run for a few minutes before the computer shuts down. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the problem?

A. Power supply wattage

B. Video RAM

C. CPU frequency

D. Monitor resolution

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

Which of the following is the SAFEST way to replace RAM on a server that has a redundant power supply?

A. Unplug one power cable.

B. Verify the RAM temperature.

C. Utilize a grounding strap.

D. Replace the RAM while the server is running.

Correct Answer: C

Utilizing a grounding strap is the safest way to replace RAM on a server that has a redundant power supply. This ensures that no static electricity is transferred to any of the server components, which could cause permanent damage. The other options are not the correct methods for replacing RAM. Unplugging one power cable is not recommended, as it could cause the server to go offline and disrupt any services that are running. Verifying the RAM temperature is not necessary and does not provide any additional safety measures, and replacing the RAM while the server is running is not recommended, as it could cause system instability.

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