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Exam 2V0-71.21: Professional VMware Application Modernization

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Free 2V0-71.21 exam questions online

Q1.What Kubernetes feature would be used to force the scheduler to place instances of the application on different nodes?

A. node affinity/nodeAntiAffinity
B. nodeAuthorization
C. kubectl
D. namespaces

Correct Answer: A

Q2. On VMware vSphere with Tanzu, which attribute identifies the etc Leader node using the vSphere Client?

A. the amount of memory resources
B. the number of Networks
C. number of IP addresses
D. amount of computing resources

Correct Answer: C

Q3. What are the infrastructure services prerequisites to enable Tanzu in vSphere? (Choose all that apply.)

B. Active directory
C. Firewall

Correct Answer: ADE

Q4. Which upgrade method can be used for an ‘in-place’ Kubernetes update?

A. Run “kubectl patch” command against a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
B. Change the VirtualMachineClass on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
C. Change the number of control plane nodes
D. Change the StorageClass on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster

Correct Answer: A

Q5. How is the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) management cluster created?

A. There is no need for a management cluster in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
B. The administrator creates the management cluster in vCenter.
C. Download the Kubernetes management agent.
D. The TKG CLI creates a temporary bootstrap cluster.

Correct Answer: D

Q6. What is a standard solution for a Kubernetes administrator to implement pod security?

A. iptables
B. Add check for validating YAML
D. Use a trusted corporate repository

Correct Answer: B

Q7. An administrator needs to deploy the infrastructure for three applications that are being developed. It is required to provide different Kubernetes versions for each application. Which approach satisfies these requirements?

A. Create three different pods for each application.
B. Deploy three different Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload clusters with different Kubernetes versions.
C. Create three different namespaces for each application.
D. Deploy three different management clusters with different Kubernetes versions.

Correct Answer: D

Q8. What is the MINIMUM required version of vSphere to install Tanzu Kubernetes Grid?

A. 6.0 Update 1
B. 6.5 Update 2
C. 6.7 Update 1
D. 6.7 Update 3

Correct Answer: D

Q9. Which role is required to enable data protection in Tanzu Mission Control?

A. cluster. admin
B. clusters. admin
C. cluster.edit
D. cluster. manage

Correct Answer: A

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

In the following StorageClass manifest, which field is used to specify the Volume Plugin driver used for the underlying storage array?

A. type
B. name
C. parameters
D. provisioner

Correct Answer: D

Q11. What is the period of time to consider the DISCONNECTED state for a cluster in Tanzu Mission Control?

A. 3 minutes
B. 1 minute
C. 2 minutes
D. 5 minutes

Correct Answer: A

Q12. Which access policy control is used in Tanzu Mission Control?

A. vCenter Server access control
B. Attribute-based access control
C. Role-based access control
D. Active Directory access control

Correct Answer: C

Q13. Which tool is required to install extensions in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters?

A. k9s
B. kubectx
C. knative
D. ytt

Correct Answer: D

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