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Which of these is not recommended in the Android Developer’s Guide as a method of creating an individual View?
A. Create by extending the android.view .View class.
B. Create by extending already existing View classes such as Button or TextView.
C. Create by copying the source of an already existing View class such as Button or TextView.
D. Create by combining multiple Views.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
Which of these is the incorrect explanation of the Android SDK and AVD Manager?
A. They are provided from version 1.6 of the SDK. Up to Version 1.5, there was an AVD Manager but it lacked SDK management functions.
B. You can create and startup AVD, and on startup you can delete user data up to that point.
C. The “android” command can be used if “<SDK install folder>/tools” is added to the command path.
D. The development tools that can be downloaded from Android SDK and AVD Manager are SDK Android platform, NDK-platform, emulator images, and USB drivers for handsets.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
Which of these is the correct explanation regarding the following methods? (1)android.content.Context.sendBroadcast (2)android.content.Context.startActivity
A. Both methods are defined by overloading.
B. Both methods throw an exception.
C. Both methods are asynchronous.
D. Both methods are able to broadcast an Intent.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
Which of the following is incorrect about ProgressDialog?
A. ProgressDialog inherits from the AlertDialog class.
B. ProgressDialog can be set as 2 types of style: STYLE_HORIZONTAL and STYLE_SPINNER.
C. ProgressDialog is able to apply a custom XML-defined layout by using the setContentView(…) method.
D. ProgressDialog can be freely configured to use a Drawable class to display as its progress bar.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 5
Which of these is the correct function of Traceview?
A. Displays a graphical task execution log.
B. Displays graphically a memory acquisition and release log
C. Displays graphically the call stack.
D. Displays graphically the Ul state hierarchy.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6
Which configuration file holds the permission to use GPS?
A. Layout file
B. Manifest file
C. Source file
D. Property file

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 7
Which of the following is the correct way to add an access permission to your application?
A. Add a <uses-permission> tag as a child tag of the <manifest> tag in AndroidManifest.xml.
B. Add a <add-permission> tag as a child tag of the <manifest> tag in AndroidManifest.xml.
C. Add a <uses-permission> tag as a child tag of the <application> tag in AndroidManifest.xml.
D. add a <permission> tag as a child tag of the <application> tag in AndroidManifest.xml.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 8
Which of the following statements is correct about SQLite?
A. It is an object database.
B. It is client-server format.
C. It is possible to create and access a database by using SQLOpenHelper.
D. It can be accessed by other applications through ContentProvider.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9
When including a text file in your application to read from as a resource, what is the recommended location of such file?
A. res/anim
B. res/files
C. res/raw
D. res/values

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 10
Which of the following statements about DDMS is incorrect?
A. You can display a list of currently running threads and select one to check its stack trace.
B. You can use it to acquire screenshots of a terminal.
C. You can forcibly execute garbage collection and check the present heap usage status.
D. You can do simulations of network zone speed and bandwidth limitations.

Correct Answer: C