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Ellen is performing penetration tests against SmartDefense for her Web server farm. She needs to verify that the Web servers are secure against traffic hijacks. She has activated the Cross-Site Scripting property. What other settings would be appropriate? Ellen:
A. should also enable the Web intelligence > SQL injection setting.
B. must select the “Products > Web Server” box on each of the node objects.
C. should enable all settings in Web Intelligence.
D. needs to configure TCP defenses such as “Small PMTU” size.
E. needs to create resource objects for the web farm servers and configure rules for the web farm.

Correct Answer: B
William is a Security Administrator who has added address translation for his internal Web server to be accessible by external clients. Due to poor network design by his predecessor, William sets up manual NAT rules for this server, while his FTP server and SMTP server are both using automatic NAT rules. All traffic from his FTP and SMTP servers are passing through the Security Gateway without a problem, but traffic from the Web server is dropped because of anti-spoofing settings. What is causing this?
A. “Allow bi-directional NAT” is not checked in Global Properties.
B. “Translate destination on client side” is not checked in Global Properties under “Manual NAT Rules”.
C. “Translate destination on client side” is not checked in Global Properties > Automatic NAT Rules.
D. Routing is not configured correctly.
E. Manual NAT rules are not configured correctly.

Correct Answer: B
You are a security consultant for a hospital. You are asked to create some type of authentication rule on the NGX Security Gateway, to allow doctors to update patients’ records via HTTP from various workstations. Which authentication method should you use?
A. Client Authentication
B. LDAP Authentication
C. SecureID Authentication
D. TACAS Authentication
E. User Authentication

Correct Answer: E
Certkiller is the Security Administrator for an online bookstore. Customers connect to a variety of Web servers to place orders, change orders, and check status of their orders. Mrs. Bill checked every box in the Web Intelligence tab, and installed the Security Policy, She ran penetration test through the Security Gateway, to determine if the Web servers were protected from cross-site scripting attacks. The penetration test indicated the Web servers were still vulnerable. Which of the following might correct the problem?
A. The penetration software Certkiller is using is malfunctioning and is reporting a false-positive.
B. Certkiller must create resource objects, and use them in the rule allowing HTTP traffic to the Web servers.
C. Certkiller needs to check the “Products > Web Server” box on the host node objects representing his Web servers.
D. Certkiller needs to check the “Web Intelligence” box in the SmartDefense > HTTP Properties.
E. Certkiller needs to configure the Security Gateway protecting the Web servers as a Web server.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 91
You create two Policy Packages for two NGX Security Gateways. For the first Policy Package, you select Security and Address Translation and QoS Policy. For the second Policy Package, you selected Security and Address Translation and Desktop Security Policy. In the first Policy Package, you enable host-based port scan from the SmartDefense tab. You save and install the policy to the relevant Gateway object. How is the port scan configured on the second Policy Package’s SmartDefense tab?
A. Host-based port scan is disabled by default.
B. Host-based port scan is enabled, because SmartDefense settings are global.
C. Host-based port scan is enabled but it is not highlighted.
D. There is no SmartDefense tab in the second Policy Package.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 92
A digital signature:
A. Uniquely encodes the receiver of the key.
B. Provides a secure key exchange mechanism over the Internet.
C. Guarantees the authenticity and integrity of a message.
D. Automatically changes the shared keys.
E. Decrypts data to its original form.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 93
You are setting up a Virtual Private Network, and must select an encryption scheme. Your data is extremely business sensitive and you want maximum security for your data communications. Which encryption scheme would you select?
A. Tunneling mode encryption
B. In-place encryption
C. Either one will work without compromising performance
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 94
You have just started a new job as the Security Administrator for Certkiller . Your boss has asked you to ensure that peer-to-peer file sharing is not allowed past the corporate Security Gateway. Where should you configure this?
A. SmartDashboard > SmartDefense
B. SmartDashboard > WebDefense
C. By editing the file $FWDIR/conf/application_intelligence.C
D. SmartDashboard > Policy > Global Properties > Malicious Activity Detection
E. SmartDashboard > Web Intelligence

Correct Answer: A

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