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Exam A

How many authorized logins are needed to create a recovery disk?

A. Two
B. Four
C. Three
D. One

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 2 What are the names of the Pointsec processes and services that run on a workstation after Pointsec has been installed?
A. Pointsec.exe, psadmin.exe and decrypt.exe
B. Prot_srv.exe, p95tray.exe and pstartsr.exe
C. Pssogina.exe, pointsec.exe and p95tray.exe
D. Decrypt.exe, protect.exe and pssogina.exe, pagents.exe

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 3 How would you uninstall Pointsec from a machine that has not written a recovery file (.rec) and has yet to be encrypted?
A. Use “reco_img.exe” and perform forced removal
B. Create recovery disk using another .rec file
C. Add/remove programs
D. None of the above Correct Answer: A

Typically, how long does it take Pointsec to encrypt 10 GB (No SATA)?

A. One hour
B. More than 30 hours
C. Depends how much data is on the drive
D. 20 Minutes

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 5 What is the maximum number of UNC paths to recovery file storage that you can specify in a profile?
A. Unlimited
B. Two
C. Four
D. Five (includning the temp searchpath in the installation profile) Correct Answer: A

Which Microsoft file does Pointsec chain when Pointsec Single Sign On is enabled?

A. Msso.dll
B. Ssogina.dll
C. MicroSSO.dll
D. MSGina.dll

Correct Answer: D
Up to how many partitions can Pointsec encrypt on one standard hard disk?

A. 8
B. 4
C. 12
D. 3

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 8 When creating an image using software such as Ghost, at what point is Pointsec installed when creating the image?
A. As the last application before imaging
B. As the first application
C. At anytime as long as the machine is rebooted first
D. Pointsec can not be installed in an image

Correct Answer: A

Which method cannot be applied when be authenticating by Pointsec?

A. Fixed Password
B. Biometric Readers
C. Dynamic Challenge and Response Tokens (X9.9)
D. Smart Cards

Correct Answer: B

Which is the most common reason for encryption not starting after Pointsec has been installed?

A. Path not found to write recovery file
B. Invalid user name
C. Incompatibility with the Windows operating system
D. Passwords not synchronized with the central server

Correct Answer: A