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CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 online practice testing:

A technician is called upon to add storage to a database server. The database administrator needs the maximum
performance for accessing many small files. Which of the following specifications should the technician focus on when
selecting the drive to add to the server?
A. Form factor
B. Capacity
C. Bus bandwidth D. Seek time
Correct Answer: D

A server supports a maximum of six hot-swap hard drives. It currently has four drives installed. The administrator has a
bare hard drive on hand as a cold spare. Which of the following parts would the administrator need to have to install the
drive as a hot spare?
A. SATA cable
B. Drive tray
C. SAS interposer
D. Redundant controller
Correct Answer: A

A server prompts Ann, a user, to reset her logon password. The next time Ann tries to log onto the server, she cannot
remember her new password. After several failed attempts, Ann receives a message that she cannot attempt to log on
again without the help of an administrator. Which of the following should an administrator do to remedy this issue?
(Choose two.)
A. Reset Ann\\’s password
B. Unlock Ann\\’s account
C. Reboot the server
D. Recreate Ann\\’s profile
E. Check Ann\\’s profile
F. Verify Ann\\’s ACL
Correct Answer: AB

A systems administrator has determined that there are several users experiencing problems within two offices that have
recently merged into one OU. Users within one of these offices are not having these issues. Which of the following is
MOST likely misconfigured?
A. Group policies
B. Firewall policies
C. File permissions
D. Port permissions
Correct Answer: A

A number of users are indicating that access to a network file server is responding very slowly when reading or writing
to the share. The server administrator notes that a drive has failed in a four-disk RAID 5 array. The array is running in a
degraded state because no hot spare was configured. After replacing the failed disk, which of the following steps would
be BEST to take to prevent slow response after a drive failure?
A. Add a drive to the array, but do not configure it as a hot spare.
B. Add an additional hard drive, and convert the volume to a RAID 6 configuration.
C. Add an additional hard drive, and convert the volume to a RAID 10 configuration.
D. Add a drive to the array, and configure it as a cold spare.
Correct Answer: B

A server administrator is deploying a new database server and wishes to maximize the number of IOPS. Which of the
following disk types would BEST accomplish this goal?
A. 500 GB SATA SSD drives
B. 600 GB 15000 rpm SAS drives
C. 800 GB 10000 rpm SAS drives
D. 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA drives
Correct Answer: A

A server administrator wants to isolate a SAN hosted LUN to be visible to only a single host. Which of the following
methodologies would be used to present the LUN to only that host?
A. LUN masking
B. LUN ID assignment
C. Port mapping
D. Port zoning
Correct Answer: A

An auditor wants to reduce the server footprint in a company\\’s remote datacenter to decrease hosting costs.
Regarding life-cycle management, which if the following is the auditor MOST likely to look for in reviewing the
company\\’s asset data?
A. Make, model, asset tag, and serial number
B. Procurement date, current usage, and scheduled end of life
C. Licensing, warranty expiration date, and efficiency
D. Server configuration, MTBF, and replacement cost
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following assists with airflow in a server? (Select TWO).
A. Riser cards
B. Water cooling
C. Shroud
D. Baffle
E. Heat sinks
Correct Answer: CD

Which of the following protocols is responsible for the resolution of IP addresses to MAC addresses?
Correct Answer: B

A systems administrator receives an email indicating a Windows user in finance cannot access the finance server
remotely but is currently logged onto the network. Which of the following ports should be checked to determine if it is
listening or open?
A. FTP (20/21)
B. DNS (53)
C. RDP (3389)
D. RDP (3893)
Correct Answer: C

An administrator has encountered a problem with a particular piece of software installed on the server and begins the
troubleshooting process. Which of the following is the FIRST place the administrator should look for specific information
about the problem?
A. The supporting documentation
B. The vendors website
C. The Internet
D. The servers event logs
Correct Answer: D

A server technician is reviewing a server and notices the server hard disk supports up to 15000rpm. The technician is
reviewing whether the hard drive can be upgraded from 40GB to 136GB for primary storage size. Given this scenario,
which of the following is the technician MOST likely to do next ?
A. Procure a 136GB SAS interface storage device
B. Procure a 136GB SATA interface storage device
C. Procure a 136GB USB interface storage device
D. Procure a 136GB FireWare interface storage device
Correct Answer: A

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