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What do I need to do first to pass the Cisco (ENCOR) 350-401 exam?

The Cisco 350-401 exam consists of 90-110 questions that candidates must complete within 120 minutes. The passing score of 350-401 is 825. Cisco ENCOR 350-401 is an exam related to CCNP and CCIE Enterprise certifications.

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Cisco 350-401 new dumps questions – Updated 2023


Which three resources must the hypervisor make available to the virtual machine (Choose three)

A. memory
B. bandwidth
C. IP address
D. processor
E. storage
F. secure access

Correct Answer: ADE


Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer tries to log in to router R1. Which configuration enables a successful login?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: B


What is the function of a control-plane node in a Cisco SD-Access solution?

A. to run a mapping system that manages endpoint-to-network device relationships
B. to implement policies and communicate with networks outside the fabric
C. to connect external Layer 3 networks to the SD-Access fabric.
D. to connect APs and wireless endpoints to the SD-Access fabric

Correct Answer: A


Which two steps are required for a complete Cisco DNA Center upgrade? (Choose two.)

A. golden image selection
B. automation backup
C. proxy configuration
D. application updates
E. system update

Correct Answer: DE

A complete Cisco DNA Center upgrade includes “System Update” and “Application Updates”


Which two operational models enable an AP to scan one or more wireless channels for rouge access points and at the same time provide wireless services to clients? (Choose two.)

A. Rouge detector
B. Sniffer
C. FlexConnect
D. Local
E. Monitor

Correct Answer: DE

+In a dense RF environment, where maximum rogue access points are suspected, the chances of detecting rogue access points by a local mode access point and FlexConnect mode access point in channel 157 or channel 161 are less when compared to other channels. To mitigate this problem, we recommend that you use dedicated monitor mode
access points.

+The local and FlexConnect mode access points are designed to serve associated clients. These access points spend relatively less time performing off-channel scanning: about 50 milliseconds on each channel. If you want to perform high rogue detection, a monitor mode access point must be used.

Alternatively, you can reduce the scan intervals from 180 seconds to a lesser value, for example, 120 or 60 seconds, ensuring that the radio goes off-channel more frequently,
which improves the chances of rogue detection. However, the access point continues to spend about 50 milliseconds on each channel.



Which design principle should be followed in a Cisco SD-Access wireless network deployment?

A. The WLC is connected outside of the fabric
B. The WLC is part of the fabric underlay
C. The access point is connected outside of the fabric.
D. The WLC is part of the fabric overlay.

Correct Answer: A


WLC is connected outside Fabric (optionally directly to Border)

WLC needs to reside in the global routing table – to talk to CP!

No need for inter-VRF leaking for AP to join the WLC

WLC can only belong to one FD. WLC talks to one CP (two for HA)
Access Points

AP is directly connected to FE (or to an extended node switch)

AP is part of the Fabric overlay

AP belongs to the INFRA_VN which is mapped to the global routing table (new in DNAC 1.1)

AP joins the WLC in Local mode


Which activity requires access to Cisco DNA Center CLI?

A. provisioning a wireless LAN controller
B. creating a configuration template
C. upgrading the Cisco DNA Center software
D. graceful shutdown of Cisco DNA Center

Correct Answer: D


DRAG DROP Drag and drop the snippets onto the blanks within the code to construct a script that adds a prefix list to a route map and sets the local preference. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


What is the calculation that is used to measure the radiated power of a signal after it has gone through the radio, antenna cable, and antenna?

B. mW
C. dBm
D. dBi

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

MTU has been configured on the underlying physical topology, and no MTU command has been configured on the tunnel interfaces. What happens when a 1500-byte IPv4 packet traverses the GRE tunnel from host X to host Y, assuming the DF bit is cleared?

A. The packet arrives on router C without fragmentation.
B. The packet is discarded on router A
C. The packet is discarded on router B
D. The packet arrives on router C fragmented.

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. Which command must be configured for RESTCONF to operate on port 8888?

A. ip http port 8888
B. restconf port 8888
C. ip http restconf port 8888
D. restconf http port 8888

Correct Answer: B


What is the role of the RP in PIM sparse mode?

A. The RP responds to the PIM join messes with the source of the requested multicast group
B. The RP maintains default aging timeouts for all multicast streams requested by the receivers.
C. The RP acts as a control-plane node and does not receive or forward multicast packets.
D. The RP is the multicast that is the root of the PIM-SM shared multicast distribution tree.

Correct Answer: D

Multicast Distribution Shared Tree – Unlike source trees that have their root at the source, shared trees use a single common root placed at some chosen point in the network. This shared root is called a rendezvous point (RP).




Which data modeling language is commonly used by NETCONF?


Correct Answer: B

Cisco IOS XE supports the Yet Another Next Generation (YANG) data modeling language. YANG can be used with the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) to provide the desired solution for automated and programmable network operations.

NETCONF(RFC6241) is an XML-based protocol that client applications use to request information from and make configuration changes to the device. YANG is primarily used to model the configuration and state data used by NETCONF operations.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst9500/software/release/1
6-5/ configuration_guide/ prog/b_165_prog_9500_cg/data_models.pdf


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