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How do you feel about the Cisco CCNP 350-601 exam? Is it easier or harder than you think? Why? What are the recommendations for studying for the 350-601 exam? I would recommend practice exercises (from 350-601 dumps)to anyone who participates in this Cisco CCNP certificate.

Make sure you understand Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) like the back of your hand, and are familiar with and use it.

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Use these tests to determine your knowledge shoulders and consolidate the concepts you already know!


A network engineer needs to configure system logging on the MDS switch. The messages must be displayed with the severity level of “warning” and above.

For security reasons, the users must be logged out of the console after 5 minutes of inactivity. Which configuration must be applied to meet these requirements?

A. MDS-A(config)# logging console 5 MDS-A(config-console)# exec-timeout 300

B. MDS-A(config)# line console MDS-A(config-console)# speed 38400 MDS-A(config-console)# exec-timeout 5 MDSA(config)# logging console 4

C. MDS-A(config)# logging line 4 MDS-A(config-console)# session-limit 300

D. MDS-A(config)# console MDS-A(config-console)# speed 38400 MDS-A(config-console)# session-limit 5 MDSA(config)# logging console 5

Correct Answer: B



In an FCoE environment, for which two sets of data must an interface that implements the PAUSE mechanism always provision sufficient ingress buffer? (Choose two)

A. frames that were sent with high credit

B. frames that were processed and transmitted by the transmitter before the PAUSE frame left the sender

C. frames that were sent on the link but not yet received.

D. frames that were sent on the link and received.

E. frames that were processed and transmitted by the transmitter after the PAUSE frame left the sender.

Correct Answer: BC


A POAP-enabled Cisco Nexus switch will not enter POAP mode. Which two conditions should be verified? (Choose two.)

A. Bootflash must contain a special directory named POAP with file.

B. The switch is in the bootup process.

C. No startup configuration is available.

D. The license file is missing on the switch.

E. No Cisco NX-OS image is present on the bootflash.

Correct Answer: CD


What happens to the default host firmware policy after a Cisco UCS Manager upgrade?

A. It is updated to contain the firmware entries of all the components
B. It is replaced by a new default policy without any firmware entries.
C. It is assigned to all the service profiles that include a host firmware policy.
D. It is set to match the host firmware policy.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

Which type of backup is required to restore a Cisco UCS configuration?

A. system configuration
B. all configuration
C. logical configuration
D. full state

Correct Answer: A 2/


An engineer configures a role for a new user in Cisco UCS Manager The role should allow the user to configure vHBAs, vNICs, and server port types. Which role should be assigned to allow the engineer to complete this task?

A. network administrator
B. operations
C. server-compute
D. AAA administrator

Correct Answer: A 4/
UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_1_4_chapter9.html Privileges- 3_1.pdf


A network architect must redesign a data center network based on OSPFv2. The network must perform fast reconvergence between directly connected switches.

Which two actions must be taken to meet the requirements?
(Choose two.)

A. Set low OSPF hello and DEAD timers.
B. Configure all links on AREA 0.
C. Enable BFD for failure detection.
D. Use OSPF point-to-point links only.
E. Implement a virtual link between the switches.

Correct Answer: CD


An engineer configures a storage environment for a customer with high-security standards. The secure environment is configured in van 50. The customer wants to maintain a configuration and active databases and prevent unauthorized switches from joining the fabric.

Additionally, the switches must prevent rogue devices from connecting to their ports by automatically learning the WWPNs of the ports connected to them for the first time. Which two configuration sets must be used to meet these requirements? (Chose two.)

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
E. Option E

Correct Answer: AC


A connect network engineer connects the CAN interface of a server to a switch. The switch must bring down all the VLANs on the interface that are not enabled for FCoE, but the Vlans that are enabled for FCoE should continue to carry SAN traffic without interruption.

Which configuration should be applied to the switch to achieve this objective?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: D


An engineer must configure multiple EPGs on a single access port in a large Cisco ACI fabric without using VMM integration. The relevant access policies and tenant policies have been created. A single AAEP is used to configure the access port in the fabric.

Which two additional steps must be taken to complete the configuration? (Choose two.)

A. A contract must be defined between the EPGs
B. The EPGs must be linked to the correct physical domain
C. The EPGs must link directly to the corresponding AAEP
D. The corresponding bridge domains must be configured in legacy mode
E. The EPGs must be configured as static ports

Correct Answer: AC


What is the benefit of using the Cisco UCS Lightweight upgrade feature?

A. Security update are scheduled with the next reboot of the fabric interconnects.
B. The firmware version of a component is updated only when it has been modified
C. All servers are rebooted to push the latest updates.
D. A soft reboot is available for the fabric interconnects.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements describe the routing table of the leaf switch? (Choose two.)

A. The next-hop for route is the TEP address of a border leaf in ACI.
B. The next-hop for route is the TEP address of a border leaf in ACI.
C. The next-hop for route 172.16.100 0/24 is the TEP address of a border leaf in ACI.
D. is a BD subnet in ACI.
E. is a BD subnet in ACI.

Correct Answer: CE


Refer to the exhibit.

What is configured as a result of running these commands?

A. reverse lookup for outbound packets
B. strict unicast RPF
C. loose unicast RPF
D. IP Source Guard

Correct Answer: B


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