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After issuing a default local preference 200 command, What other command needs issued before the local preference can take effect?
A. save
B. reset bgp all
C. reset recycle
D. reset saved configuration

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 44
Which of the following commands is NOT required for MPLS to work?
A. lsr-id
B. mpls ldp enable
C. mpls l2vc

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 45
True or False: The lsp statistics Index begins at 0, but the lsp display starts at 1, therefore FEC1=LSP index 0
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 46
An IP frame in an Ethernet packet enters an MPLS domain. Where is the MPLS header inserted?
A. After the IP header
B. Before the Ethernet header
C. Between the Ethernet header and the IP header

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 47
When must clock master be set when using IPoA on the Router 5000/6000 series routers?
A. never
B. only when configuring a CPE device connecting to the network
C. only when configuring back to back connections between CPE devices
D. always

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
Which type of Virtual Circuits does the Router 6000 family support?
A. PVCs only
B. SVCs only
C. PVCs and SVCs

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 49
What does the following command do? [RTA-Serial 0/0] standby interface dialer0
A. defines the ISDN interface that will be used only if the primary interface fails
B. defines ISDN as the primary link and that there is a standby link called dialer0
C. shares the traffic load with the primary interface and will take the full load if primary fails
D. temporarily puts interface into standby state, interface will reconnect when link-state changes

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 50
Which of following QoS methods does nothing when used with DSCP to provide QoS for Voice?
A. Class-based Queuing
B. Weighted Fair Queuing
C. Weighted Random early Detection
D. Traffic Shaping

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 51
How many FIC slots does a Router 6040 have?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 52
Which of the following Network Management applications does NOT support the Router 5000/6000?
A. Enterprise Management Suite
B. 3Com Network Director Firewall
C. Router Manager
D. Switch Manager
Correct Answer: D

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