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You are working in an unstructured document. You want to change the formatting of an entire paragraph. What should you do?
A. define an attribute
B. apply a character tag
C. apply a paragraph tag
D. change to a different element

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 142
What happens when you apply a paragraph format that uses the Run-in Head property?
A. The run-in head begins on the same line as the previous paragraph.
B. Extra space between the run-in head and the next paragraph is eliminated.
C. Extra space between the run-in head and the previous paragraph is eliminated.
D. The paragraph following the run-in head begins on the same line as the run-in head.

Correct Answer: D
You have a multi-column layout. You want to insert a graphic so that it appears in the margin. Which setting should you use for the anchored frame?
A. Outside Column
B. At Top of Column
C. At Insertion Point
D. Outside Text Frame

Correct Answer: D
Your document will contain certain words that you always want to format as bold and with a certain color. Which statement about formatting these words is true?
A. The most efficient way to accomplish this is to use Find/Change.
B. Both style formats can be accomplished by using a character format.
C. Applying bold is easily accomplished by using character formats, but not applying colors.
D. Bold is best controlled by a paragraph format, while color is best determined by a color definition.

Correct Answer: B
What happens when you make a hyphenation change in the Paragraph Designer and click Apply?
A. A new paragraph tag is created.
B. The Paragraph Catalog is updated.
C. You create an override to the paragraph tag.
D. All instances of the paragraph tag are changed.

Correct Answer: C
Your insertion point is in a Heading1 paragraph. In the status bar, the tag name has an asterisk before it. What does this mean?
A. The paragraph has an override.
B. The text is part of an invalid element.
C. A character tag has been applied to the text.
D. The tag was assigned by a context rule in the EDD.

Correct Answer: A
You are preparing to revise a document that contains formatting overrides. What is the most efficient way to remove these overrides?
A. use Find/Change to find the overrides and reapply the formats
B. change all text in the document to Body and reapply the formats as necessary
C. reapply all the paragraph and character formats manually throughout the document
D. choose Remove Format Overrides from the Import Formats dialog box, and import from the current document

Correct Answer: D
Which three properties are modified when you apply a table format to an existing table? (Choose three.)
A. ruling
B. shading
C. column widths
D. table alignment
E. number of columns

Correct Answer: ABD
You want one word in a paragraph to appear in bold, italic type. You will use this style for other words and phrases throughout your document. After highlighting the word, what should you do?
A. apply a character tag
B. apply a paragraph tag
C. click the B and I buttons in the QuickAccess bar
D. select Bold and Italic in the Paragraph Designer and click Apply

Correct Answer: A
You have imported a file from Microsoft Word that contains a table. You place your insertion point in the table and apply a table tag that has a solid outside ruling but no column ruling and no body row ruling. The table continues to have rulings that do not match the table format.
What should you do?
A. select the entire table, and set rulings to As Is in the Table Designer
B. select the entire table and set rulings to None in the Custom Ruling and Shading dialog box
C. select the entire table and set rulings to From Table in the Custom Ruling and Shading dialog box
D. select the cells with the mismatched rulings, and set the corresponding rulings to From Table in the Table Designer

Correct Answer: C
You have selected the correct printer driver. For best results, which option should you select in the Set Print Separations dialog box when printing CMYK colors?
A. Don’t Print
B. Print as Spot
C. Print as Process
D. Print as Halftone
Correct Answer: C
By default, which statement about printing from a FrameMaker book file is true?
A. You CANNOT print individual files in the book.
B. Element boundaries in a structured FrameMaker book do NOT print.
C. When you print a book, each file must be sent to the printer separately.
D. Internal cross-references and cross-references to open documents are updated automatically.

Correct Answer: D
For what is the MARKED metadata setting used?
A. to mark the document or book as web-purposed or print-purposed, or both
B. to mark the document or book as being copyrighted or in the public domain
C. to mark the document or book as containing watermarks and hidden text or not
D. to mark the document as ready for indexing and database incorporation or not

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 154
Which FrameMaker hypertext construct will NOT convert to HTML?
A. Alert
B. Message URL
C. Open Document
D. Jump to Named Destination

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 155
You have inserted the hypertext command Jump to Named Destination & Fit to Page in your document. What happens when you save your document as PDF and activate the link?
A. It jumps to a named destination, but does not fit to the page.
B. It displays the last location the reader viewed, but does not fit to page.
C. It jumps to a named destination and then resizes the window to fit the document page displayed.
D. It displays the last location the reader viewed and then resizes the window to fit the document page displayed.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 156
Which FrameMaker paragraph format will auto-map to a style in a standard WebWorks Publisher template?
A. heading1
B. Heading1
C. heading 1
D. Heading 1

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 157
You want to share your Adobe FrameMaker documents over the Web.
You want to retain as much of your page layout and typographic formatting as possible. In which file format should you save your document?

D. JPEG Correct Answer: A QUESTION 158
On which FrameMaker construct is tagged PDF based?
A. HTML tags
B. page layout
C. paragraph formats
D. structured FrameMaker elements

Correct Answer: C
How do you set an object so that it overprints the object it overlaps?
A. select the object and choose Overprint Object from the Graphics menu
B. select the object and add it to the Overprint list in the Print dialog box
C. create a color definition that has overprint applied to it, and color the overlapped object with that color
D. select the object and choose Object Properties from the Graphics menu, then select Overprint from the Overprint pop-up menu

Correct Answer: D
FrameMaker for Windows converts all color values to _____ when printing.
C. L*a*b
D. Grayscale

Correct Answer: A
Which HTML construct does an anchored frame always converts to?
A. <img>
B. <frame>
C. <a href>
D. <object>
Correct Answer: A
Which file type assures the highest quality for printing line art at a high resolution?
Correct Answer: C
You want to control which text appears in a generated list of figures. What should you do?
A. type the text on the master page for the list
B. edit the building blocks on the reference page
C. delete the text from the body page and regenerate the list
D. mark the text with a conditional tag and regenerate the list

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 164
Which statement about a structured FrameMaker book file is true?
A. You can split an element that represents a book file.
B. You can merge two elements that represent book files.
C. A book chapter containing structure will be represented by a BOOK-COMPONENT element after you generate and update the book file.
D. An Index file that does NOT contain structure will be represented by a BOOK-COMPONENT element after you generate and update the book file.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 165
Which statement about page numbering in a book is true?
A. You can set up multiple page numbering properties in a single document of the book.
B. Numbering properties in the individual documents override numbering properties in the book.
C. Numbering properties in the book override numbering properties in the individual documents.
D. Once you have set up numbering at the book level, you can delete page numbers from the individual files.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 166
Which statement about generated lists in a book is true?
A. By default, the generated list is in alphabetical order.
B. A marker is needed to create an entry in a generated list.
C. Unless you use a template, all entries in a generated list are initially formatted identically.
D. The generated list entries can be converted to hypertext by adding HTML tags or XML tags directly in FrameMaker.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 167
Which procedure changes the order of a document in a book file?
A. choose Edit > Move File from the application menu
B. click and drag the file to the new position in the Book window
C. select the file to be moved and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to change its position
D. select the file to be moved and use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the Book window change its position

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 168
You are working in a document that has conditional text. One of the conditions is hidden. What will happen to the hidden text if you import this file into a document that does NOT have any conditions defined?
A. The hidden text is NOT imported.
B. The hidden text becomes unconditional.
C. The hidden text is shown, and all of the conditions are added to the document.
D. The hidden text remains hidden, and all of the conditions are added to the document.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 169
Which key should you hold down while choosing the File menu, to allow book-wide commands for opening, closing, and saving appear?
A. Tab
B. Shift
C. Control
D. Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS)

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 170
Click the Exhibit button.
You want to include an index in your document as shown in the exhibit. What should you type into the Marker dialog box to display “see also changing found items” as the last entry?

A. <$nopage>Finding items:see also changing found items
B. <$nopage>Finding items:see also changing found items<$nopage>
C. <$nopage>Finding items:see also changing found items<$endrange>
D. <$nopage>Finding items:see also changing found items[Finding items:ZZZ]
Correct Answer: D

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