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An application needs to run on two different devices. Each device requires different, optimized ActionScript to run. What command is needed to detect the device that the content is being run on so different sets of ActionScript run properly?
A. $device
B. $version
C. _deviceid
D. _devicename
E. fscommand2( “DeviceID”, “ID” );
F. fscommand2( “GetDevice”, “devicename” );
G. fscommand2( “DeviceName”, “devicename” );

Correct Answer: F
A phone with an English operating system is attempting to load in Chinese text from an external XML file. What would you need to do to get the player to interpret the text in the native language? Assume the correct fonts are installed and the text is Unicode.
A. Be sure the System.useCodePage property is set to true.
B. Be sure the System.useCodePage property is set to false
C. The text cannot be displayed on the device in this scenario.
D. Unicode text is only supported with the LoadVars class not XML

Correct Answer: B
What is the best method for ensuring that elements on a layer are NOT part of the published SWF file?
A. set the layer to be a guide layer
B. move those elements off of the stage area
C. turn the layer to hidden in the layer properties
D. reduce the alpha transparency of those elements to zero

Correct Answer: A
What functionality is supported for capturing user input when developing ringtones and wallpapers in Flash Lite 2?
A. Using an input text field
B. Using the soft keys (RSK and LSK) of the device
C. Using the numeric buttons of the device
D. It is NOT possible to capture user input when developing ringtones and screensavers

Correct Answer: D
What is the best and most efficient way to flip content 90 degrees and provide a landscape mode for an application?
A. _root._rotate = 90;
B. _root.rotation = 90;
C. tellTarget( ” ” ) { _rotation = 90; }
D. fscommand2( “setDisplayMode”, “portrait” );
E. fscommand2( “setDisplayMode”, “landscape”, 90 );
F. enclose everything in a movieclip and then apply _rotation = 90;

Correct Answer: F
What ActionScript command is used to dial a phone number in Flash Lite 2?
A. getURL()
B. loadMovie()
C. FSCommand
D. FSCommand2

Correct Answer: A
What is NOT a sound editing feature in the Flash 8 authoring tool?
A. Changing the sound envelope of a sound
B. Modifying the start and end points of a sound
C. Changing the beats per minute (bpm) of a sound file
D. Switching the sound time units from seconds to frames

Correct Answer: C
What method of code looping offers the best performance for Flash Lite?
A. a ‘for’ loop
B. a ‘while’ loop
C. a ‘for…in’ loop
D. a ‘timeline’ loop

Correct Answer: B
How can you determine the type of device that a user has?
A. Using the FSCommand
B. Using the getDevice() method
C. Using the getPlatform() method
D. Using the System.capabilities object

Correct Answer: D
When using a dynamic text field in a Flash Lite application, what will result in the smallest file size for the exported SWF file?
A. using pixel fonts
B. using device fonts
C. using a font size of less than 8 points
D. using an anti-aliased font, but only embedding required characters
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 75
On the BREW platform, Flash Lite is able to access the SMS system of the phone. How is the message sent?
A. The SMS message is sent as an email message.
B. Flash Lite is not able to send SMS messages from BREW.
C. The SMS system is started and prefilled but the user must still click send.
D. The SMS message is sent silently from the Flash Lite player, without any additional user interaction.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 76
A button has keyframe content for its “up”, “over”, and “hit” keyframes.
The “down” state has no keyframe. What is displayed when the user activates the button’s “down” state?

A. nothing
B. content of the “up” keyframe
C. content of the “hit” keyframe
D. content of the “over” keyframe

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 77
What method of the Key class is used to determine what key a user pressed on a mobile device?
A. Key.getKey()
B. 54Key.enter()
C. Key.getCode()
D. Key.getKeyCode()

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 78

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