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The function below is added to the main Timeline:
function person(name) {

How is this function accessed from within a movie clip that is on the main Timeline? (Choose TWO)

A. _parent.person(“Jon”);
B. this.person(“Jon”);
C. _root.person(“Jon”);
D. _level1.person(“John”);
E. _parent._parent.person(“Jon”);

Correct Answer: AC
What best defines a breakpoint?
A. location set in a code where the debugger stops
B. point in a loop statement where the loop is broken out of
C. section of code that throws an error
D. point where the break keyword in a script is used

Correct Answer: A
What code displays the current date (based on the user’s clock setting) formatted like “3/31/2004” in the dynamic text field instance named “my_txt”?
A. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = d.getMonth()+1+”/”+d.getDate()+1+”/”+d.getYear();
B. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = (d.getMonth()+1)+”/”+d.getDate()+”/”+d.getFullYear();
C. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = (d.getMonth()+1)+”/”+(d.getDate()+1)+”/”+d.getFullYear();
D. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = d.getMonth()+”/”+d.getDate()+”/”+d.getYear();

Correct Answer: B
What class has an addListener() method?
A. Mouse
B. Array
C. MovieClip
D. Button
Correct Answer: A
What method is used to remove white space between nodes in an XML document?
A. Call the XML.ignoreWhite() method before loading.
B. Call the XML.stripWhiteSpace() method immediately after loading.
C. Use String.split(” “).join(“”) on a string representation of the XML object.
D. Set XML.ignoreWhite = true, before loading the document.
Correct Answer: D
What ensures all implementing classes will have a particular set of methods?
A. polymorphism
B. interfaces
C. movie clips
D. behaviors

Correct Answer: B
What statement creates a local variable that is destroyed after the function has completed execution?
A. var myValue = 5;
B. dim myValue = 5;
C. local myValue = 5;
D. set myValue = 5;

Correct Answer: A
A button instance is named circle_btn. ActionScript is placed on the main Timeline so that when the button is clicked a movie clip instance named rec_mc ‘ s width is changed to 100. What is the best code to perform this action?
A. circle_btn.onRelease = function() { this.width=100; }
B. circle_btn.onRelease = function() { rec_mc._width=100; }
C. circle_btn.onRelease = function { rec_mc._width=100; }
D. circle_btn.onRelease { rec_mc._width=100; }

Correct Answer: B
What is the value of “myIndex” in ActionScript? var myString = new String(“Hello World”); var myIndex = myString.indexOf(“o”);
A. 8
B. 7
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer: C

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