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Which command sets the key-length for the IPv6 SeND protocol?
A. ipv6 nd inspection
B. ipv6 nd ra-interval
C. ipv6 nd prefix
D. ipv6 nd secured
E. ipv6 nd ns-interval

Correct Answer: D
Which statement is valid regarding SGACL?
A. SGACL mapping and policies can only be manually configured.
B. Dynamically downloaded SGACL does not override manually configured conflicting policies.
C. SGACL is access-list bound with a range of SGTs and DGTs.
D. SGACL is not a role-based access list.

Correct Answer: C
Which statement about ACS rule-based policies is true?
A. The permissions for rule-based policies are defined in authentication profile.
B. Permission for rule-bases polices are associated with user group.
C. Rule-based polices can apply different permission to the same user under different condition
D. TACACS+ is one of the attributes included in the authorization profile

Correct Answer: B
What technology can secure DNS information in IP networks?
A. a combination of DNS and SSL/TLS
B. a combination of DNS and IPSec
C. DNS encryption

Correct Answer: D
For which router configuration is the attack-drop.sdf file recommended?
A. Routers with less than 128 MB of memory.
B. Routers with less than 64 MB of memory.
C. Routers with at least 128 MB of memory.
D. Routers with at least 192 MB of memory.
E. Routers with at least 256 MB of memory.

Correct Answer: A
Which two statements about attacks against IPV4 and IPv6 network are true? (Choose two)
A. Man-in-the-middle attacks are more common against IPv4 and IPv6
B. The multicast DHCPv6 replies on IPv6 network are easier to protect from attacks
C. Rogue devices provide more risk to IPv4 networks than IPv6 networks
D. It is easier to scan an IPv4 network than an IPv6 networks.
E. Data can be captured in transit across both network types.
F. Attacks performed at the application layer can compromise both types
Correct Answer: AF
What is an example of a stream cipher?
A. RC4
C. Blowfish
D. RC6
Correct Answer: A
Which two of the following pieces of information are communicated by the ASA in version 8.4 or later when the Stateful Failover is enabled? (Choose two.)
A. DHCP server address leases.
B. dynamic routing tables
C. power status
D. NAT translation table
E. user authentication
Correct Answer: BD
Refer to the exhibit.

What sequence of command would generate the given output?

Correct Answer: C
Which two statements about ASA transparent mode are true? (Choose two.)
A. It drops ARP traffic unless it is permitted.
B. It does not support NAT.
C. It requires the inside and outside interface to be in different subnets.
D. It can pass IPv6 traffic.
E. It cannot pass multicast traffic.
F. It supports ARP inspection.

Correct Answer: BF
Which three statements about Cisco Secure Desktop are true? (Choose three)
A. It is interpretable with Clientless SSL VPN, AnyConnect, and the IPSec VPN client.
B. Its supports shared network folder
C. It validate PKI certificates
D. It supports multiple prelogin checks, including IP address, certificate and OS
E. It supports unlimited CSD locations.
F. It can be pre-installed to reduce download time.

Correct Answer: BCE
Of which IPS application is Event Action Rule a component?
A. NotificationApp
B. InterfaceApp
C. SensorApp
D. SensorDefinition
E. MainApp
F. AuthenticationApp
Correct Answer: C
What are three protocols that support Layer 7 class maps and policy maps for zone-based firewalls? (Choose three)

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 34
Attacks can originate from multicast receivers. Any receiver that sends an IGMP or MLD report typically creates state on which router?
A. customer
B. first-hop
C. source
D. RP Correct Answer: B QUESTION 35
What are two advantages of SNMPv3 over SNMPv2c? (Choose two.)
A. integrity, to ensure that data has not been tampered with in transit
B. no source authentication mechanism for faster response time
C. Packet replay protection mechanism removed for efficiency
D. GetBulkRequest capability, to retrieve large amounts of data in a single request
E. confidentiality via encryption of packets, to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 36
Refer to the exhibit.

Which option is the reason for the failure of the DMVPN session between R1 and R2?
A. incorrect tunnel source interface on R1
B. IPsec phase-1 policy mismatch
C. tunnel mode mismatch
D. IPsec phase-2 policy mismatch
E. IPsec phase-1 configuration missing peer address on R2

Correct Answer: B
Which two statements about TrustSec are true? (Choose two)
A. It can simplify the management and configuration of security policies
B. It can simplify the ASA management and configuration
C. It can simplify SG-ACL provisioning to network router and switches
D. It can apply access-control policies throughout the network
E. It is a part of Cisco commerce work space

Correct Answer: CD
Refer to the exhibit.
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