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Which function is performed by the Community String field defined in a trap PDU?
A. enable reliable delivery of messages
B. allow authentication by management station
C. isolate the PDU within a defined region of the network
D. enable the routing of messages

Correct Answer: B
Study the exhibit carefully. Routers P4S-RA, P4S-RB, P4S-RC, and P4S-RD are all performing OSPF within a single area and have OSPF graceful restart configured and running. is being advertised only through BGP and the best path between routers P4S-RC and P4S-RD is through router P4S-RB. Configure BGP graceful restart on routers P4S-RB, P4S-RC, and P4S-RD, but not on router P4S-RA. What will happen to traffic from to after router P4S-RB performs a graceful restart?

A. be tunneled from router P4S-RD to router P4S-RA through router P4S-RC.
B. continue to flow normally
C. be dropped at router P4S-RB for a period of time after the graceful restart
D. switch to the path through router P4S-RC without interruption

Correct Answer: C
Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) is a class of VPN that supports the connection of multiple sites in a single bridged domain over a managed IP/MPLS network. VPLS presents an Ethernet interface to customers, simplifying the LAN/WAN boundary for Service Providers and customers, and enabling rapid and flexible service provisioning, because the service bandwidth is not tied to the physical interface. Which of these statements best describes VPLS?
A. Neither broadcast nor multicast traffic is ever flooded in VPLS.
B. Multicast traffic is flooded but broadcast traffic is not flooded in VPLS.
C. VPLS emulates an Ethernet switch, with each EMS being analogous to a VLAN.
D. Because U-PE devices act as IEEE 802.1 devices, the VPLS core must use STP.

Correct Answer: C
Study the exhibit carefully. Configure P4S-R1, P4S-R2, and P4S-R3 to run EIGRP on all their connected
interfaces. P4S-R2 is also configured as an EIGRP stub.
Which EIGRP routes are in the local topology table at P4S-R3?
A., and
C. There’s not enough information provided to know what would be in the topology table at P4S-R3.
D.,, and

Correct Answer: A
Which two reasons are for instrumenting your network and network devices to collect performance data? (Choose two.)
A. to route traffic around constrained choke points in the network
B. to enable capacity planning decisions
C. to determine the impact of jitter and latency on application performance
D. to determine the locations at which QoS needs to be implemented

Correct Answer: BD
In this network presented in the following exhibit, traffic destined for arrives at P4S-R5. Which
path will be taken by the traffic from here and why?

A. It will take the path P4S-R3, P4S-R2, P4S-R1, because OSPF always prefers paths within an area.
B. It will not take any path; the traffic will be dropped because P4S-R2 is in a different autonomous system than P4S-R1 or P4S-R3.
C. It will take the path the path P4S-R4, P4S-R3, P4S-R2, P4S-R1, because this is the lowest cost path.
D. It will not take any path; the traffic will be dropped because the summary (type 3) LSA advertised by P4S-R1 into area 1 will not be readvertised back into area 0.

Correct Answer: D
When is the site-to-site remote access model appropriate?
A. for multiple ISDN connections
B. for modem concentrated dial-up connections
C. for a group of users in the same vicinity sharing a connection
D. for use by mobile users

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 53
Which three statements are correct about OSPF route summarization? (Choose three.)
A. A flat addressing scheme is required in order to summarize OSPF routes.
B. OSPF internal routes can be summarized only at the ABRs.
C. OSPF type 5 external routes can be summarized only at the ASBRs.
D. Route summarization can lead to a more stable network.

MB6-703 exam
Correct Answer: BCD
Which option is true about routing control while using routing protocols in a DMVPN network (or any GRE-over-IPsec network)?
A. Routing of the data plane traffic should be carried out by means of the GRE tunnel and a separate routing instance should be used to handle routing of the crypto endpoints.
B. The control plane traffic for the crypto endpoints should be routed through the GRE tunnel; the control plane traffic for the data plane traffic should travel via the transport network.
C. If the network is a private MPLS network, the routing for the data plane traffic and the crypto endpoints should be run outside of the GRE tunnel.
D. The routing used to establish the crypto endpoints should include information for the data networks behind the endpoints.

Correct Answer: A

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