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Latest Oracle 1z0-517 study material

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Oracle 1z0-517 Exam Practice Test 1-5

You are working on an implementation for Accounts Payable. Many payments for small suppliers will be made outside
the system, but your client does not want to manually record them because that would be time consuming. Choose the
best solution.
A. Create electronic payment batches by using a check payment method for those multiple suppliers, and destroy those
B. Create electronic payment batches by using a wire payment method for those multiple suppliers, and then delete the
resulting electronic file.
C. Create electronic payment batches by using a clearing payment method for those multiple suppliers because this
payment method does not generate a file.
D. Create electronic payment batches by using an electronic payment method such as EFT for those multiple suppliers,
and then do not send the resulting electronic file to the bank.
Correct Answer: B

To review “All of Today\\’s” selected invoice from the payment process request in the Payment Manager, perform these
Navigate to the Paymnent Process Request component.
Navigate to the (B) Views window.
Select “All of Today\\’s” from the drop-down list.
Click the Go button.
The payment process request for today is displayed.
Select the actions, arranged in their proper sequence.
A. 2, 3, 4, 5
B. 5, 2, 3, 4
C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
D. 5, 2, 3, 4, 5
Correct Answer: C

When summary account templates are associated with the check-level advisory of budgetary control funds, what two
actions must you perform? (Choose two.)
A. The formula must be identified.
B. The currency must be identified.
C. The amount type must be identified.
D. A debit or credit balance type must be assigned.
Correct Answer: CD

You just received an invoice for a new supplier. You need to pay it and ensure that all accounting entries are created in
General Ledger. You perform these steps, in the order shown:
Enter the supplier.
Enter the invoice.
Create the pay run.
Create payment accounting entries.
Validate the invoice.
Create invoice accounting entries.
Transfer the information to General Ledger. What would be the result?
A. The invoice is not paid and no entries are created in General Ledger.
B. The invoice is paid and all accounting entries are created in General Ledger.
C. The invoice is not paid but the invoice accounting entry is created in General Ledger.
D. The invoice is paid but only the invoice accounting entry is created in General Ledger.
Correct Answer: C

Quick Match is one way to match an invoice to a purchase order. Use Quick Match to match invoices to open, unbilled
purchase order lines. Quick Match matches shipments on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis.
Identify two ways that Quick Match is convenient to use when matching an invoice to a purchase order. (Choose two.)
A. Invoices that have one shipment line
B. invoices that are partially received on the purchase order
C. multiple shipments that are received in chronological order
D. invoices matched to a purchase order that has multiple distribution lines
Correct Answer: AC

Latest Oracle 1z0-520 study material

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Oracle 1z0-520 Exam Practice Test 1-5

Which two options would you use to restrict the functionality provided by a responsibility? (Choose two.)
A. creating an appropriate role
B. creating an appropriate group
C. constructing a new menu hierarchy
D. defining rules to exclude specific functions
Correct Answer: CD

Which two statements apply to a Physical Inventory Tag as defined by Inventory? (Choose two.)
A. Physical Inventory Tags cannot be bar coded.
B. It can contain a count for a group of a given item.
C. It is produced and printed by the Generate Physical Inventory Tags function.
D. It is unique for every stock locator/item/lot number/serial number combination.
E. It is used to indicate to the warehouse staff that a count has been recorded for that location, so that a duplicate count
is not performed.
Correct Answer: BD

Identify three valid sources of Inventory Demand. (Choose three.)
A. Approved Requisition Lines
B. Miscellaneous Transactions
C. Scheduled CMRO Work Orders
D. Approved Purchase Order Lines
E. Sales Order Lines in Entered status
F. WIP Work Orders in Released status
G. Sales Orders Lines in Scheduled status
Correct Answer: CFG

Your customer wants to convert both RFQs and Quotations to have tracking for Small Business Audit trail. The volume
for Quotations is very high and only Approved RFQs and Quotations are being converted. What would you recommend
as the best conversion strategy for RFQs and Quotations?
A. Data Load both RFQs and Quotations.
B. Manually enter both RFQs and Quotations.
C. Manually enter RFQs, and Data Load Quotations.
D. Use the Purchase Documents Open Interface for both RFQs and Quotations.
E. Use the Purchase Documents Open Interface for RFQs and Data Load Quotations,
F. Manually enter RFQs, and use the Purchase Documents Open Interface for the loading of Quotations.
Correct Answer: F

In the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF. implementation, the purpose of the “Synchronize check box is to synchronize_____.
A. the DFF Values with the Reference field
B. the DFF Contexts with the Reference field
C. the DFF Attributes with the Reference field
D. the DFF Segments with the Reference field
E. the DFF Value Sets with the Reference field
Correct Answer: B

Latest Oracle 1z0-521 study material

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Oracle 1z0-521 Exam Practice Test 1-5

Identify three true statements regarding Multiple Organization reporting. (Choose three.)
A. Cross Organization reports and multiple Organization reports are the same.
B. Cross Organization reports can be submitted for a Reporting Level of Ledger.
C. Multiple Organization reports can be submitted for a Reporting Level of Ledger.
D. Multiple Organization reports produce outputs for different Operating Units one at a time from a single responsibility.
E. Cross Organization reports produce outputs across different Operating Units in a single report from a single
F. Multiple Organization reports produce outputs for different Operating Units in a single report output from a single
Correct Answer: BDE

ACME uses deliveries to consolidate shipments going to the same customer and have been informed that Business
World has several orders with ACME for its Ship To location of SANJOS.
All the lines are to be assigned to the same delivery.
Which three strategies would meet this requirement? (Choose three.)
A. Run Pick Release by customer.
B. Run the Process Deliveries SRS program.
C. Assign the same Ship Method to all Order Lines.
D. Run the Consolidate Order Lines concurrent program.
E. When running Pick Release, ensure that the Delivery criteria Autopack is set to No.
F. Query in the Shipping Transaction menu for all orders for Business World, and assign them to the same delivery.
G. Run Pick Release not specifying the customer, and set Autocreate Delivery to No; then assign the lines to a Delivery
Correct Answer: AFG

Identify three correct statements regarding customer acceptance setups. (Choose three.)
A. Customer acceptance can be enabled at the inventory organization level
B. For enabling customer acceptance, no setup is required on OM
C. Customer acceptance can be enabled at the OM operating-unit level
D. Define assignments rules for deferral reasons at the customer, site, or item level.
E. The first step to enable customer acceptance is to set the OM system parameter: Enable Fulfillment Acceptance.
F. The second step of the customer acceptance setup is to define customer acceptance deferral reasons in the AR
revenue management setup.
Correct Answer: CEF

Select three Item Attributes groups. (Choose three.)
A. General Planning
B. Order Management
C. Periodic Manufacturing
D. Process Manufacturing
E. Discrete Manufacturing
F. Repetitive Manufacturing
Correct Answer: ABD

After a sales order is booked, the sales order lines must complete all workflow activities leading to the shipping activity.
Which two workflow activities are part of this process? (Choose two.)
A. Create Trip
B. Pick Release
C. Create Supply
D. Schedule Line
E. Create Delivery
Correct Answer: CD

Latest Oracle 1z0-815 study material

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Oracle 1z0-815 Exam Practice Test 1-5

Which describes an aspect of Java that contributes to high performance?
A. Java prioritizes garbage collection.
B. Java has a library of built-in functions that can be used to enable pipeline burst execution.
C. Java monitors and optimizes code that is frequently executed.
D. Java automatically parallelizes code execution.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://dzone.com/articles/how-to-tune-garbage-collection-in-java


Itcertlab 1Z0-815 exam questions-q2

What is the result?
A. Working Unknown
B. Unknown
C. Tuesday Unknown
D. The compilation fails.
E. Tuesday
F. Working
Correct Answer: B


Itcertlab 1Z0-815 exam questions-q3

What is the result?
A. 4
B. 3
C. An exception is thrown at runtime.
D. 5
Correct Answer: D


Itcertlab 1Z0-815 exam questions-q4

What is the result?
A. A ClassCastException is thrown at runtime.
B. AnotherClass#methodA() AnotherClass#methodA()
C. The compilation fails.
D. SomeClass#methodA() AnotherClass#methodA()
E. AnotherClass#methodA() SomeClass#methodA()
F. SomeClass#methodA() SomeClass#methodA()
Correct Answer: A


Itcertlab 1Z0-815 exam questions-q5 Which statement is true?
A. Class Tester does not need to import java.time.LocalDate because it is already visible to members of the package
B. All classes from the package java.time. are loaded for the class Diary.
C. Only LocalDate class from java.time package is loaded.
D. Tester must import java.time.LocalDate in order to compile.
Correct Answer: A

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