Latest Release Adobe 9a0-311 Practice Questions From Flydumps

What is the default theme for version 2 components?
A. Halo Theme
B. FlashDefault Theme
C. Ice Theme
D. Sample Theme

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
How is the object Drawing Mod used?
A. Merges drawn shapes when they are overlapped
B. Draws shapes and automatically converting them into graphic symbols
C. Centers drawn objects in the authoring environment
D. Draws shapes as separate objects that do not automatically merge together when overload

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
What must be true in order to enable bitmap caching on a movie clip symbol? (Choose two.)
A. Complex Vector artwork, nested animation and it is larger than 2880 pixels in width
B. Complex Vector artwork, no nested animation and its position changes in time
C. Complex Vector artwork, no nested animation and its position does not change in time
D. Complex Vector artwork, nested animation and its position changes in time
E. Complex Vector artwork, nested animation and its position does not change in time

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 4
What correctly defines a getter method that retrieves a property named “Count”?
A. function get count():Number { return _nCount;}
B. function count():Number { return _nCount;}
C. function getter count():Number { return _nCount;}
D. function getCount():Number { return _nCount;}

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
What is NOT a sound editing feature?
A. Modifying the start and end points of a sound
B. Changing the beats per minute (BPM) of a sound file
C. Changing the sound envelope of a sound
D. Switching the sound time units from seconds to frames

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6
What best describes the purpose of setInterval?
A. Defines the SWF frame rate dynamically, at runtime
B. Creates a function that executes once at a specified point in the future
C. Creates a function that repeats every set number of frames
D. Repeats calls to a function every set number of milliseconds

Correct Answer: D
What type of graphic formats are calculated mathematically and have the ability to scale without their quality?
C. Scanned
D. Vector
E. Bitmap

Correct Answer: D
A Button instance is named circle_btn. ActionScript is placed on the main Timeline so that when the button is clicked a movie clip instance named rec_mc’s width is changed to 100. What is the code to perform this action?
A. circle_btn.onRelease=function() { this.width=100;}
B. circle_btn.onRelease=function() { rec_mc.width=100;}
C. circle_btn.onRelease=function { rec_mc.width=100;}
D. circle_btn.onRelease { rec_mc._width=100;}

Correct Answer: B
Why use device fonts for static text?( Choose two.)
A. Device Fonts are more readable at smaller point sizes
B. Embeds the font outline in SWF
C. Anti-aliases static text by default
D. Makes SWF retrieve font from the end user’s computer
E. Makes SWF retrieve font from the server

Correct Answer: AD
What does selecting the Render text as HTML button on the Property inspector with a Dynamic text field selected do?
A. Enables the text field to load HTML files at runtime
B. Enables the text field to render certain HTML tags including <A>,<B> and <FONT>
C. Improves SWF performance
D. Converts the displayed text into HTML tagged text
Correct Answer: B