Valid Adobe 9A0-094 Exam Practice Questions From Flydumps To Pass Exam Easily

Exam A
You have finished editing an image acquired from a digital camera. Which command should you choose to
change the current image mode to one that is appropriate for preparing an image to be printed using
process colors?

A. Image > Mode > CMYK
B. Image > Mode > Lab Color
C. Image > Mode > RGB Color
D. Image > Mode > Indexed Color
Correct Answer: A
You have a grayscale image that you would like to print. You would like to add a color tint and print the
image on two separate plates. Which should you choose?

A. Image > Mode > Indexed Color
B. Image > Mode > RGB Color
C. Image > Mode > CMYK Color
D. Image > Mode > Duotone
Correct Answer: D
In the Photoshop Color Settings dialog box you see a warning that says: Your Creative Suite applications
are not synchronized for consistent color. You want consistent color treatment across Photoshop,
Illustrator, Acrobat, and InDesign. What should you do?

A. From the Settings list choose: Monitor Color
B. From the Settings list choose: Custom
C. In Bridge, choose Edit > Creative Suite Color Settings and apply a color setting
D. In Bridge, choose Preferences > Advanced and check the box to Use Software Rendering
Correct Answer: C
You have a document using the Adobe RGB (1998) color space, and you need to convert it to a smaller CMYK color space represented by a press profile. The document contains no significant colors that are outside the CMYK color space. Which rendering intent will most effectively preserve the color relationships within the RGB document when it’s converted to CMYK? Options:
A. Absolute Colorimetric
B. Relative Colormetric
C. Perceptual
D. Saturation
Correct Answer: B
You choose View > Proof Colors and preview how colors will print on a specific printer. What is a
requirement for Proof Colors to work properly?

A. You have chosen Edit > Assign Profile to assign the profile for the printer’s color space
B. You have chosen Edit > Convert to Profile to convert the document into the printer’s color space
C. You have also turned on View > Gamut Warning
D. You have configured the Customize Proof Condition dialog box
Correct Answer: D
You want to display an on-screen preview of how your RGB document will look when produced in CMYK.
Which should you choose to specify the device to simulate?

A. View > Proof Setup
B. View > Proof Colors
C. Image > Mode > CMYK Color
D. Image > Mode > Multichannel
Correct Answer: A
You are configuring the Color Settings dialog box for images intended for output to the Web. Which RGB
working space should you choose?

B. ProPhoto RGB
C. Adobe RGB
D. ColorMatch RGB
Correct Answer: A
You want to highlight certain menu items in color. What should you do? Options:
A. Choose Preferences > Interface > Show Channels in Color
B. Choose Preferences > Interface > Show Tool Tips
C. Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and use the Keyboard Shortcuts tab
D. Choose Edit > Menus and use the Menus tab
Correct Answer: D
You want to dock a panel group under another existing panel on the right side of your screen. Which area
of the panel group must you drag in order to dock the entire panel group?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Correct Answer: B
You have four images open in Photoshop. You currently see each image in its own separate window with its own title bar. You would like to see just one image and tabs for the other images. Which should you choose?
A. Choose Edit > Menus and use the Menus tab
B. Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows
C. Click the 4-up button in the Arrange Documents menu
D. Click the Consolidate All button in the Arrange Documents menu
Correct Answer: D