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Exam Code: 1Y0-351
Exam Name: Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials and Networking
Q&As: 289

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1Y0-351 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Citrix 1Y0-351 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Scenario: The NetScaler is connected to two subnets. The NSIP is The external SNIP is The MIP for internal access is Web servers, authentication servers and time servers are on the network which is available through the router. The external firewall has the address. Traffic bound for Internet clients should flow through the external firewall. Which command should be used to set the default route?
A. add route
B. add route
C. add route
D. add route
1Y0-351 exam Correct Answer: A
Some SSL certificate files may be missing from a NetScaler appliance. Which directory should an engineer check to determine which files are missing?
A. /nsconfig/ssl
B. /nsconfig/ssh
C. flash/nsconfig/
D. /var/netscaler/ssl/
Correct Answer: A
Scenario: An engineer has been hired to manage the content-switching configurations on the NetScaler. The user account for this engineer must have the standard rules that apply to the other administrators. What should the engineer do to allow for the extra privileges?
A. Modify the current Command Policy and then save the changes.
B. Unbind the current Command Policy of the user account and then save the changes.
C. Remove the custom Command Policy and then create one with the new requirements.
D. Create a custom Command Policy and bind it to the user account with the highest priority.
1Y0-351 dump Correct Answer: D
A network engineer needs to configure smart card-based authentication on NetScaler Access Gateway. Which type of authentication policy could the engineer configure in order to accomplish this task?
A. Local
C. Certificate
D. Secure LDAP
Correct Answer: C
A company wants to implement a policy where all passwords should be encrypted while transiting the network. Where in the GUI would the network engineer prevent access to unsecured management protocols?
A. Network -> IPs
B. System -> Auditing

C. AppExpert -> Pattern Sets
D. Protection Features -> Filter
1Y0-351 pdf Correct Answer: A
Scenario: The NetScaler is configured with a NSIP of Management access is NOT enabled on any other IP address. Which command should an engineer execute to prevent access to the NetScaler using HTTP and only
allow HTTPS access?
A. set ns ip -gui disabled -telnet disabled
B. set ip -gui secureonly -mgmtaccess enabled
C. set ip -mgmtaccess disabled -gui secureonly
D. set ns ip -gui enabled -restrictAccess enabled
Correct Answer: B
Company policy states that SNMP management should only be allowed from specific hosts. What should the network engineer do to prevent unauthorized access to SNMP?
A. Add an SNMP manager.
B. Add an SNMP trap destination.
C. Check secure access only on the NSIP.
D. Add an SNMP community name that is difficult to guess.
1Y0-351 vce Correct Answer: A
Scenario: The IT department in an organization manages servers and network devices from an internal management subnet. A NetScaler device has recently been installed into the DMZ network. The intranet firewall allows TCP 443 from the management subnet to the NetScaler device. How could the engineer ensure that only workstations in the management network are permitted to manage the NetScaler?
A. Create an Extended ACL based on the source IP address.
B. Create a restricted route from the internal network to the DMZ.
C. Enable the management access control option on the NSIP address.
D. Enable the management access control on the internal SNIP address.
Correct Answer: A
Scenario: An engineer has three subnets configured on a NetScaler appliance. The engineer must only allow a certain group of users to access a virtual server on the appliance. The IT Manager requires that all rules are flexible and can be easily modified for ease of administration. How could the engineer allow certain groups to access the virtual server while still being able to modify the setting in the future?
A. Add a Simple ACL.
B. Disable USNIP Mode.
C. Create an Extended ACL.
D. Add a Host Route to the virtual server.
1Y0-351 exam Correct Answer: C
Scenario: An engineer created a new test Web Interface site for the new XenDesktop farm that the IT Department is developing. Several weeks later the engineer finds out that several people across the company have been accessing the new test site. The engineer needs to ensure that only the IT Department subnets can access the test site. How could the engineer restrict access to the site so that only certain subnets can access this resource?
A. Add an Extended ACL to only allow specific subnets to the Web Interface Site.
B. Modify an existing simple ACL to allow specific subnets to the Web Interface Site.
C. Enable USNIP Mode on the appliance to allow specific subnets to the Web Interface Site.
D. Change the Access Method on the Web Interface Site to allow specific subnets to the Web Interface
Correct Answer: A
A network engineer needs to configure load balancing for an FTP site. Which type of session persistence method can the engineer select for this scenario?
A. Rule
B. Source IP
C. Cookie Insert
D. Custom Server ID
1Y0-351 dump Correct Answer: B
Scenario: Example.com runs a dating service site that provides a service with videos of candidates. They want to use RTSP load balancing to stream the videos more effectively. Which load balancing method should the engineer select?
A. Least packet
B. Round Robin
C. Least bandwidth
D. Least connection
Correct Answer: C
A network engineer needs to configure load balancing for secured web traffic that does NOT terminate at the NetScaler device. Which type of session persistence method can the engineer select for this scenario?
A. Source IP
B. Cookie Insert
C. URL Passive
1Y0-351 pdf Correct Answer: A

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