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Exam Code: 70-413
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
Q&As: 245

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070-413 dumps

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4. You have configured multiple OSPF areas on your network. How do the different OSPF areas communicate with each other?
A.The Designated Router (DR) uses multicast routing to broadcast advertisements to the other area DRs
B.The Designated Router (DR) connects each OSPF area to the main backbone network and communicates with the other areas
C.The Area Border Router (ABR) connects each OSPF area to the main backbone network and communicates with the other areas

D.The Autonomous System Border Router (ASBR) connects each OSPF area to the main backbone network and communicates with the other areas
070-413 exam 
Answer: C
5. An IP address must be configured on a switch before it can be managed using Telnet.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
6. What is the effect of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) switch command snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain udp-port 5000 params securityname 3comprivate?
A.Configures the switch with a default community string name of 3comprivate
B.Enables the SNMP trap functions on a switch with IP address
C.Configures the switch SNMP agent to send traps to the network management station at IP address
D.Enables the SNMP trap functions and sets the default community string name of 3compublic on a
switch with IP address
70-413 dumps
Answer: C
7. Which three are Switch 5500 configuration requirements when creating an eXpandable Resilient
(XRN) Fabric? (Choose three.)
A.All units in the stack must have the same sysname
B.All units in the stack must be running the same software version
C.A mixture of switch models can be used to create a single XRN Fabric
D.Switch 5500-SI/EI up/down ports must be enabled for fabric mode
E.A switch must be initialized after it has been added to an existing XRN Fabric
Answer: ABD
8. What is the reason to connect the up port on the bottom Switch 5500 in the stack to the down port of the top Switch 5500 in the same stack?

A.Reliability – creates a resilient topology
B.Security – prevents an unauthorized user from connecting to the switch stack
C.Performance – creates the 48-Gbps eXpandable Resilient Networking (XRN) Fabric
D.Management – enables Distributed Resilient Routing (DRR) on the Switch 5500-SI
070-413 pdf 
Answer: A
9. How does the network administrator configure the up/down Switch 5500-EI/SI ports to operate in fabric mode?
A.By default, the up/down ports are enabled for fabric mode
B.Execute the command xrn-fabric authentication-mode simple
C.Execute the command resilient-arp enable x/x/x where x/x/x identifies the unit and port number
D.Execute the command fabric-port gigabit x/x/x enable where x/x/x identifies the unit and port number
Answer: D
10. Which Switch 5500 model(s) does not support Distributed Resilient Routing (DRR)?
A.Switch 5500-EI
B.Switch 5500-SI
C.Switch 5500G-EI
D.All of the above
070-413 vce 
Answer: B
11. Which security standard is defined by IEEE 802.1X Network Login?
A.Encryption standard for network authorization
B.Port-based Network Access Control protocol standard
C.Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) standard for network authorization
D.Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) standard for network access
Answer: B
12. Which best defines the mechanism of IEEE 802.1X Network Login?
A.An authenticator requests access to network services; the authentication server enforces authentication
 before allowing access to the network and validates the supplicant on behalf of the authenticator
B.A supplicant requests access to network services; the authenticator enforces authentication before allowing access to the network; the authentication server validates the supplicant on behalf of the
C.A supplicant requests access to network services; the authentication server enforces authentication before allowing access to the network; the authenticator validates the supplicant on behalf of the authentication server
070-413 exam 
Answer: B
13.Which three ProgrammingOperators are supported while defining new conditions and actions for
Business Process Rules? (Choose three.)
A. equals
B. lessThan
C. notEqualTo
D. greaterThanEqual
Answer: A,B,D
14.Which of the following parameters are required to retrieve a deleted record using a web service query?
E. No parameters settings are required
070-413 dumps Answer: B
15.What are six types of command qualifiers supported by MasterCatalogRecord web services? (Choose
A. Add
B. Modify
C. Delete
D. MetaData
E. ValidValues
F. ValidValuesInit
G. Validate/Process
Answer: A,B,D,E,F,G
16.Which two values can be set for a user via the User Accounts Administration page? (Choose two.)
A. Date Format
B. Default Repository
C. Activate Delegation
D. Activate Auto-Approval
E. Default Catalog Format

F. Activate Out-Of-Office Notification
070-413 pdf Answer: A,C
17.Which three are supported command types for the MasterCatalogRecord web services? (Choose
A. Add B.
Copy C.
Query D.
E. Compare
Answer: A,C,D
18.Which of the following statements is incorrect when using a database table as a CIM data source?
A. Any new records added to the table are immediately available to CIM
B. The table or view must reside in the same database instance that CIM is using
C. If the data source contains any attributes of typedate, all such attributes must have the same date format
D. It is not possible to provide CIM specific column names for the table when defining the data source
070-413 vce Answer: B
19.Which two can an input map use to assign an attribute a value? (Choose two.)
A. hard-coded value
B. a concatenation of two or moredatasource columns
C. an expression based on the value of a child record attribute
D. a user-supplied value provided during execution of the import event
Answer: A,B
20.Which three are valid topic names with TIBCO CIM? (Choose three.)
070-413 exam Answer: A,B,C

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