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What is the best way to check and be sure the data from a SharedObject has loaded from the device and is ready for use?
A. Use the onLoad() event handler
B. Use the onData() event handler.
C. The getLocal() method automatically does this for you.
D. Create a custom listener using the addListener method

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 79
The following events are invoked when the XML has been received from the server (choose two)
A. result
B. onData
C. onLoad
D. onResult
E. complete

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 80
Your are using the attachMovie method. What happens when you attach two MovieClips at the same depth?
A. The second MovieClip replaces the first
B. Both MovieClips are unloaded and a run time error is created
C. The second attempt to attach a MovieClip produces a run time error
D. The first MovieClip remains in place and the constructor of the second MovieClip calls the getNextHighestDepth( ) method as a replacement for the value of 1

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 81
What code creates an object named person with two properties, name and age?
A. person = {name:Fred, age:24};
B. person = (name=Fred, age=24);
C. person = new Array (name:Fred, age:24);
D. person = new Object(name=Fred, age=24);

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 82
Given the following code:
var circle:TextField;
circle.onSetFocus=function (){

Which two lines of code will write the name of the instance with focus to the output window?

A. trace(this._target); trace(this._event);
B. trace(this._proto_); trace(this._instance);
C. trace(this._type); trace(this._name);
D. trace(this._target); trace(this._name);

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 83
Which function should you use to create an animation?
A. eval()
B. getTimer()
C. targetPath()
D. setInterval()

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 84
Which event in the LoadVars class is fired when the last byte of data has been retrieved from a server?
A. loaded
B. onLoad
C. onDataLoad
D. getTotalBytes

Correct Answer: B
How is a fscommand2 different from fscommand? (Choose THREE)
A. fscommand2 executes immediately
B. fscommand2 returns a numerical value
C. fscommand2 executes only on a device
D. fscommand2 always prompts a user before executing
E. fscommand2 is limited to only Symbian-based devices
F. fscommand2 executes at the end of a frame it is put on
G. fscommand2 must be run on the very first frame of a MoveClip

Correct Answer: ABC
What do the left and right softkeys do by default on a Symbian OS-based device while the Flash Lite Player is running?
A. left does nothing, right quits the application
B. right does nothing, left quits the application
C. left brings up the menu, right quits the application
D. right brings up the menu, left quits the application
E. A run-time error occurs, soft keys must be defined
F. A compile-time error occurs, soft keys must be defined
G. left is assigned to <Left> device key and right is assigned to <Right> device key

Correct Answer: C
What happens when this code is executed?
(Choose TWO) retval = fscommand2( “GetDeviceID”, “ID” );

A. Flash player crashes
B. retval contains the IMEI string
C. ID contains the IMEI string for the phone
D. retval comes back with a numerical value
E. ID contains the unique phone number for the device
F. An error occurs, there is a compile time syntax problem
Correct Answer: CD
Which event is supported by the Key class in Flash Lite 2.0/2.1?
A. onkeyup
B. onListener
C. onKeyDown
Correct Answer: C
Consider the following FSCommand2:
requeststatus = fscommand2(“GetNetworkRequestStatus”); If the server returns a 404 error, what would the value of requeststatus be?
A. -1
B. 1
C. 2
D. 6

Correct Answer: D
Which is used to create frame rate independent script based animations?
A. while
B. setInterval
C. enterFrame
D. gotoAndPlay

Correct Answer: B
Where must ActionScript classes be located?
A. In components
B. In external files
C. Top layer of the timeline
D. Frame 1 of the root timeline

Correct Answer: B
Which two classes natively support the length property in Flash Lite 2.0/2.1? (Choose two.)
B. Array
C. String
D. XMLNode
E. LoadVars
Correct Answer: BC
If you attempt to play a video object on a device that does not support the video format, what must you do?
A. You must convert the video to FLV format
B. The video must be bundled within the SWF
C. The video must be loaded from an external URL
D. Nothing, the video will not play on the device and an error message should be displayed.

Correct Answer: D
What is returned when the following Flash Lite capabilities are run and the device does NOT support a feature? _capMMS _capLoadData _capEmail
B. 0
C. 1
D. true
E. false
F. variable is undefined

Correct Answer: F
You are creating an application. When should you use a a graphic symbol instead of a MovieClip symbol?
A. when you have multiple nested MovieClips that contain
B. when you have a static background with NO ActionScript
C. when you have multiple frames of ActionScriptActionScript
D. when you have an animation that is independent of the main timeline

Correct Answer: B
What actions will most significantly improve content performance on a device? (Choose two)
A. grouping drawn objects
B. reducing the vector graphics nodes
C. using more raster images than vectors
D. avoiding alpha transparencies and gradients
E. using only the colors present in the default color palette

Correct Answer: BD
Why is it considered bad practice to apply very detailed gradients to vector shapes in Flash Lite development? (Choose two.)
A. Most Flash Lite enabled devices do not support gradient colors.
B. Vector shapes with gradients cannot be resized to fullscreen size on the device.
C. Advanced display settings on the mobile device can block gradient colors from being displayed.
D. Gradients demand a high amount of CPU processing to be rendered which may affect the mobile device performance.
E. Mobile devices have a lower screen resolution compared to desktop computers, so colors can look different from the originally intended colors.
Correct Answer: DE
What is wrong with the following code? _cap4WayKeyAS=2;
A. _cap4WayKeyAS cannot accept a positive value
B. _cap4WayKeyAS requires a list as an assignment; e.g. localList=”left,right,up,down”; _cap4WayKeyAS= localList;
C. _cap4WayKeyAS must be assigned to a string; e.g. _cap4WayKeyAS=”2″;
D. _cap4WayKeyAS is a part of capabilities and should be used as a read-only or as a test condition
Correct Answer: D
In order to transfer a Flash file to a BREW device, the application file must be in the following format A. DLL

Correct Answer: D
Which type of layer does NOT exporte any content or add bytes to the final SWF file when publishing?
A. Guide layers
B. Normal layers
C. Mask layers
D. Any empty layer that does not contain media

Correct Answer: A
You want to determine if a device has SMS capabilities. Which property should you use?
A. _capHasSMS
B. System.capabilities.hasSMS
C. System.capabilities.hasMessaging
D. System.capabilities.hasConnection

Correct Answer: B
What is the default quality setting when publishing Flash Lite content?
A. Best
B. High
C. Low
D. Medium
Correct Answer: D
What is the value of myVar in the following command? myVar =_capCompoundSound
A. 1 if Flash Lite can process compound sound, 0 if it cannot
B. 1 if Flash Lite can process compound sound, undefined if it cannot
C. depends on the number of sounds the device can play simultaneously
D. depends on the number of sounds the installed version of Flash Lite can play simultaneously

Correct Answer: B
Which ActionScript method should you use to access the SMS, MMS, and dialing capabilities for the OS of a phone?
A. getURL( )
B. getProperty()
C. setProperty()
D. FSCommand2()

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 105
Which command should you use to determine if a mobile device has network access?
A. FScommand2(“GetNetworkStatus”);
B. System.capabilities.getNetworkStatus;
C. FSCommand2(“GetNetworkConnectionName”, “myConnectionName”);
D. System.capabilities. GetNetworkConnectionName;

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 106
When playing a game written for the Symbian standalone Flash Lite player, what happens to the game application when a user receives a call?
A. Exits
B. Carries on playing while the call is in progress
C. The game restarts when the call is terminated
D. Automatically pauses until the call is terminated

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 107
When attempting to load XML that contains white space, such as tabs and returns, what does a developer need to do?
A. XML used by Flash Lite cannot contain white space
B. set the whiteSpace property of the XML object to true.
C. Set the ignoreWhite property of the XML object to true.
D. White space does not make a difference when using XML in Flash Lite.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 108
What is the most highly processor intensive animation technique?
A. Alpha effects
B. Motion tween
C. onEnterFrame
D. Brightness effects Correct Answer: A

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