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What property of myMC is referenced in order to rotate a MovieClip instance named myMC using ActionScript?
A. myMC.rotate
B. myMC.offSet
C. myMC._degrees
D. myMC._rotation

Correct Answer: D
What method of creating an invisible button is the least efficient and NOT good practice?
A. Using the _hitarea of a movie clip to define the active area of the button/movie clip.
B. Drawing the button and using the Property inspector to set the alpha channel to zero.
C. Inserting a keyframe into the Hit state of the Button symbol and defining the button there.
D. Reusing an invisible button from the library and using the free transform tool to adjust the size.
Correct Answer: B
What makes a MovieClip instance named myMC invisible?
A. myMC.setVisible(0);
B. myMC._visibility = 1;
C. myMC._visible = false;
D. myMC.setVisibility(1);
Correct Answer: C
What statements are correct? (Choose TWO)
A. For optimal file size, shapes should be animated using individual keyframes.
B. Graphic symbol instances may be animated through use of the onEnterFrame event of the MovieClip class.
C. When an onEnterFrame event handler is used for animation, the animation will occur at the movie frame rate.
D. A MovieClip symbol instance may be animated through use of a Motion Tween effect applied to the frames in which the instance resides.
E. The screen is automatically redrawn following each execution of a function called as a timed event through use of the setInterval() global function.

Correct Answer: CD
What must the text be to apply a shape tween to text?
A. exported with font outlines
B. converted to “Static” behavior
C. broken apart until converted to vector shapes
D. converted to a symbol with MovieClip behavior

Correct Answer: C
What happens when holding down the Alt key simultaneously while rotating a symbol’s instance using the Free Transform tool?
A. additionally skews the object
B. constrains the rotation to 45-degree turns
C. constrains the instance to it’s own center point
D. rotates the instance based on the opposite corner of your cursor

Correct Answer: D
What loads a SWF file named “my.swf” into a MovieClip instance named myMC? (Choose TWO)
A. loadMovie(my.swf, myMC);
B. loadMovie(“my.swf”, myMC);
C. my.swf.loadMovie(“myMC”);
D. myMC.loadMovie(“my.swf”);
E. loadMovieNum(“my.swf”, myMC);
Correct Answer: BD
How is a comment specified in ActionScript?
A. use the note taking feature
B. place in a layer called “actions/labels”
C. place brackets (<>) around the comment
D. enter two forward (//) slashes at the beginning of the comment
Correct Answer: D
What statements are correct? (Choose THREE)
A. Static text fields can be converted into shapes.
B. Motion Tween effects may be applied to static text fields.
C. Shape Tween effects may be applied to static text fields.
D. If a MovieClip symbol instance is given a name, then duplicated, the duplicate will be automatically given the same instance name with the word copy added.
E. If a timeline layer is hidden using the Timeline, the contents of that layer will be invisible at runtime.

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 93
Why use the Ease-In / Ease-Out option when creating an animation tween?
A. create a morphing effect on a tweened object
B. properly orient your object on the tweens trajectory path
C. create an acceleration or deceleration of a tweened object
D. keep a constant rate of change between frames of a tweened object

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 94
What is an example of relative targeting?
A. _root.item._x
B. _level0.item._x
C. _level1.item._x
D. _parent.item._x

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 95
What is an attribute of vector graphics?
A. scalable
B. pixel-based
C. GIF formatted
D. resolution-dependent

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 96
What options are available through the use of the Free Transform Tool? (Choose TWO)
A. modify a shape’s fill color
B. rotate around a transformation point
C. change a shape’s stroke thickness
D. alter a shape’s transformation point
E. transform a shape into a graphic symbol

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 97
What technique creates a custom color swatch that can be saved?
A. Sample color with Eyedropper tool
B. From system color wheel, create custom color
C. Create color in Color Mixer, select add swatch
D. Select Load Default Colors from Color Swatches panel

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 98
What best defines device fonts?
A. fonts made specifically for Flash
B. fonts found in a users Fonts folder
C. fonts embedded into a Flash document
D. fonts broken apart in a Flash document

Correct Answer: B
What property of the TextField class removes extra white space from a text field displaying HTML content when set to TRUE?
A. TextField.trimWhite
B. TextField.removeWhite
C. TextField.ignoreWhite
D. TextField.condenseWhite

Correct Answer: D
What is the minimum number of frames on the main Timeline for an 18-frame Graphic symbol to play in its entirety?
A. 1
B. 9
C. 18
D. 36

Correct Answer: C
When are Graphic symbols best used?
A. integrating sound
B. static backgrounds
C. interactive controls
D. attaching ActionScript
Correct Answer: B
What are correct statements concerning symbol instances? (Choose TWO)
A. Graphic symbol instances may be directly controlled using ActionScript.
B. The Hit State of a Button symbol instance is invisible at runtime.
C. A MovieClip symbol instance may have a different frame rate than the main Timeline.
D. If a fill color in a Graphic symbol is changed, all instances of that Graphic symbol are changed.
E. The X / Y placement of a symbol instance is calculated from the lower left hand corner of the Main Timeline or parent MovieClip symbol instance.
Correct Answer: BD
What is affected by the registration point of a Macromedia Flash object? (Choose TWO)
A. color
B. sound
C. file size
D. animation
E. transformations

Correct Answer: DE
What is the ActionScript 2.0 code that defines a LoadVars object?
C. LoadVars.createNew();
D. var myLoadVars:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

Correct Answer: D
How is a symbol swapped from the Stage? (Choose TWO)
A. Click on the instance on the Stage, and click “Change Symbol” from the Info panel. Select the new symbol and click “Ok”.
B. Click on the instance on the Stage, and click “Swap” from the Property inspector. Select the new symbol and click “Ok”.
C. Click on the instance in the Library, and from the Library panel menu select “Swap Instances”. Select the new symbol and click “Ok”.
D. Click on the instance on the Stage and select from the menu, Modify > Symbol > Swap Symbol. Select the new symbol and click “Ok”.
E. Click on the instance on the Stage and select from the menu, Edit > Modify Symbols > Swap. Select the new symbol and click “Ok”.

Correct Answer: BD
What color system CANNOT be designated in the Color Mixer?
A. Hex
Correct Answer: D
What is the purpose of skinning a component?
A. reduces excess code and trim file size
B. alters the behavior of component code
C. presents custom interfaces on reusable code
D. makes version 2 components work in Flash 6
Correct Answer: C
How is both the fill and stroke of an object selected?
A. use Selection tool and single-click the fill
B. use Selection tool and double-click the fill
C. use Selection tool and double-click the stroke
D. use Selection tool and single-click the stroke

Correct Answer: B
What tool is used to apply strokes to shapes?
A. Eye Dropper
B. Paint Bucket
C. Ink Bottle
D. Pencil

Correct Answer: C
What can the LoadVars class be used for?
A. stream MP3 sounds
B. load PNG images into movie clips
C. create text fields programmatically
D. load data from text files on the server

Correct Answer: D
What symbol types can be given an instance name? (Choose TWO)
A. Video
B. Button
C. Bitmap
D. Graphic
E. MovieClip

Correct Answer: BE
An instance of a symbol is on the Stage with known x and y coordinates.
When double-clicking on this symbol why do the x and y coordinates change?
A. x and y coordinates reverse
B. registration point of the instance is reset to its center
C. object moves to the upper left hand corner of the Stage
D. measures the position of the artwork relative to the center of the Stage in Symbol Editing mode

Correct Answer: D
What is the most efficient way of changing the fill color of all instances of a particular symbol from red to green?
A. Select each instance on the stage, open the Effects panel, and change the color to green using Tint.
B. Select each instance on the stage, open the Effects panel, and change the color to green using the Advanced settings.
C. Select the symbol in Symbol Editing mode, and change the fill color of the symbol to green.
D. Select the symbol in Symbol Editing mode, and change the fill color of the symbol to green. Then update each instance on the stage with the new version.

Correct Answer: C
What Paint Bucket tool option is used to apply a single gradient across multiple selected shapes on the Stage?
A. Faucet
B. Lock Fill
C. Magic Wand
D. Transform Fill

Correct Answer: B
What Color Mixer Fill Style options allow the creation of gradients? (Choose TWO)
A. Solid
B. Linear
C. Radial
D. Bitmap
E. Gradient

Correct Answer: BC
What is affected by enabling/disabling the “Auto kern” option?
A. Line spacing
B. Character spacing
C. Paragraph indent
D. Character aliasing

Correct Answer: B
What are three possible ways to make movie clips respond to mouse events? (Choose THREE)
A. Attach an “on()” event handler to a MovieClip instance.
B. Select Enable Simple Buttons from the Control menu.
C. Select a MovieClip instance and choose Modify > Convert to Button.
D. Assign a function to a mouse event handler for a MovieClip instance.
E. Attach a button event handler to a MovieClip instance and add the frame labels :_up” “_over”, and “_down” to its Timeline.
F. Right-click (Windows) or control-click (MAC) on a MovieClip instance, and choose Context > Set as Button.
Correct Answer: ADE
What happens when you double-click the icon of a symbol in the library?
A. Macromedia Flash switches to Symbol Editing mode.
B. Macromedia Flash displays the Symbol Properties window.
C. Macromedia Flash deletes the current layers in the timeline.
D. Macromedia Flash places an instance of the symbol on the Stage.

Correct Answer: A
What are ways to identify areas of a movie that need file size optimization? (Choose TWO)
A. generating a size report
B. using the Movie Explorer
C. using the Bandwidth Profiler
D. scrubbing through the movie in the timeline
E. using the Select Unused Items option in the library

Correct Answer: AC
What should be kept to a minimum in any Macromedia Flash file in order to enhance playback optimization? (Choose TWO)
A. Layers
B. Gradients
C. Device Fonts
D. Graphic symbols
E. Alpha Transparency

Correct Answer: BE
What will adding a preloader to your movie do?
A. allows the movie to playback faster
B. asks user for a password to view the movie
C. allows the movie to be saved locally before playback
D. prevents the movie from playing until a predetermined amount of frames are loaded

Correct Answer: D
What is the most highly processor intensive animation technique?
A. alpha effects
B. motion tween
C. onion skinning
D. brightness effects
Correct Answer: A
What does the “Open as Library” menu allow?
A. convert a symbol into a library item
B. open the library of current document
C. open libraries from other graphic programs
D. open libraries from other Macromedia Flash Files
Correct Answer: D
What QuickTime format can Flash MX 2004 export?
A. QuickTime format specified into the QuickTime tab of the Publish Settings dialog box
B. format that supports the version of the Flash Player selected in the Publish Settings dialog box
C. same QuickTime format that is installed on the system where Flash MX 2004 is also installed
D. Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 do not export documents into any QuickTime format

Correct Answer: C
What is a Panel Set used for?
A. storing a user interface layout for sharing and later use
B. setting the resolution of Copy and Paste operations involving bitmaps
C. customizing Macromedia Flash options and activating certain features
D. retrieving additional support information from Macromedia Answers database

Correct Answer: A
What sound compression format is best for high quality short sounds, such as button sounds?
A. MP3
C. Voice

Correct Answer: D
Name the two types of graphs available when using the Bandwidth Profiler? (Choose TWO)
A. Bit Rate Graph
B. Byte Size Graph
C. Streaming Graph
D. Motion Frame Graph
E. Frame by Frame Graph
Correct Answer: CE
What are ways to optimize animations to reduce processor usage? (Choose TWO)
A. use embedded font families
B. remove unused symbols from the library
C. remove unused frames after the end of a tween
D. use tweened animations instead of series of keyframes

Correct Answer: CD
How is declining image quality prevented when publishing to a SWF if bitmap images are optimized prior to importing them into Flash?
A. Re-import the bitmaps in an uncompressed format.
B. Do nothing. Bitmaps aren’t compressed when the SWF is published.
C. Convert bitmaps to symbols so that they are not compressed by Flash.
D. In Publish Settings, under the Flash Tab, set the JPEG Quality slider to 100.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 130
What is the process called when you set the linkage property for a library asset so that it can be imported into other FLA files?
A. Authortime sharing
B. Runtime sharing
C. Asset sharing
D. Asset linking Correct Answer: B

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