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What is the value of x?
function doJoin (a, b) {
return a + b;
x = doJoin(5, doJoin(3, 2));

A. 5
B. 10
C. “return a + b”
D. “doJoin(5, doJoin(3, 2))”

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 46
What item can be added to the Flash Player’s context menu?
A. About
B. Settings
C. Download
D. Flash Player

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 47
What is added to the Actions panel to include ActionScript in an external file named “”?
A. #include “”;
B. include(“”);
C. #include(“”)
D. #include “”
E. #include;

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 48
What class has an addListener() method?
A. Array
B. Button
C. Mouse
D. MovieClip

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 49
What changes are represented by DeltaPackets?
A. DataSets
B. RecordSets
C. DataHolders
D. SharedObjects

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 50
What is the value of y?
x = 3;
y = ++x;

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. Syntax error

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
What line of ActionScript sets an instance of the stand-alone Flash Player to full screen?
A. _fullscreen = true;
B. _root.fullscreen = true;
C. Stage.size(“fullscreen”);
D. fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 52
What ensures all implementing classes will have a particular set of methods?
A. interfaces
B. behaviors
C. movie clips
D. polymorphism

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 53
What single class is the superclass of all other classes in Flash MX 2004?
A. Array
B. Object
C. Button
D. MovieClip
E. VisualObject

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 54
A single array can contain different elements that are different data types.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 55
What happens when a duplicateMovieClip() function is used to copy a clip, and a square, onto a depth that already contains another clip, and a circle?
A. square is placed on top of circle
B. square is placed underneath circle
C. circle is removed and is replaced by square
D. duplicateMovieClip() function fails (square is not copied)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 56
What is the result of the statement? myMC._lockroot = true
A. all animation stops in “myMC”
B. new objects cannot be instantiated in _root
C. references to _root inside of “myMC” will refer to the main Timeline of “myMC”
D. references to _root inside of “myMC” will refer to the main Timeline of parent movie

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 57
What native object allows a developer to save data to a client computer, assuming the user has given permission?
A. LocalObject
B. LocalCookie
C. SharedObject
D. SharedCookie

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 58
What shows a valid data provider assigned to a List component instance named “clProducts”?
A. clProducts.dataProvider = {label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”};
B. clProducts.dataProvider = [{label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”}];
C. clProducts.dataProvider = [label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”];
D. clProducts.dataProvider = {[label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”]};

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 59
Where can breakpoints be applied in ActionScript? (Choose TWO)
A. Output panel
B. Actions panel
C. Any text editor
D. Debugger panel
E. Script window for external AS files

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 60
What best defines a breakpoint?
A. section of code that throws an error
B. point where the break keyword in a script is used
C. location set in a code where the debugger stops
D. point in a loop statement where the loop is broken out of

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 61
The following code was written to disable three Button component instances
(“button_1”, “button_2”, and “button_3”).
for(var i=0;i<3;i++){

What is the actual result?

A. all three buttons get disabled
B. none of the buttons get disabled
C. does not compile because of a syntax error
D. only “button_1” and “button_2” get disabled

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 62
What conditions must be met in order to remotely debug a Flash application from a web server? (Choose TWO)
A. must have a remote Debugging policy file
B. browser is using the Debug version of the Flash Player
C. cross-domain.XML file specifies the web server domain
D. Flash application must be loaded over an HTTPS (or SSL) connection
E. SWD file is published with the Flash application and uploaded to the same location as the Flash application

Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 63
What statement generates an error that can be handled by a finally{} code block?
A. trace
B. throw
C. break
D. catch

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 64
What file types are needed to use the debugger on a remote Flash movie? (Choose TWO)

E. RFD Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 65
What is the most efficient method to remove trace statements from compiled code?
A. comment out trace statements
B. manually delete trace statements
C. select “Omit trace actions” from the publish dialog box
D. remove only the contents of the trace statements but leave the trace function call

Correct Answer: C
What elements in a Flash MX 2004 movie can the Property inspector alter? (Choose TWO)
A. Scene
B. Stage
C. Frame
D. Library
E. Symbol Instance

Correct Answer: CE
What are examples of absolute target paths? (Choose TWO)
A. mcCircle
B. this.mcCircle
C. _root.mcCircle
D. _level0.mcCircle
E. this._parent.mcCircle

Correct Answer: CD
What type of animation is NOT available for a shape until it is converted into a symbol?
A. onion skinning
B. shape tweening
C. motion tweening
D. frame-by-frame animation
Correct Answer: C
What are functions assigned to an object called?
A. methods
B. identifiers
C. keywords
D. operators
Correct Answer: A
What tasks can be accomplished using the Project panel?
A. manage several Flash projects at the same time B. check-in/check-out files on a SourceSafe or FTP server
C. merge changes from two different versions of the same document
D. read and edit project notes that are shared among developers on the project

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 71
“dynClipName” is a dynamic variable with a string value of “mcCircle”.
What correctly targets a movie clip instance named mcCircle and assigns a value of 25 to its _x property?

A. this.dynClipName._x = 25;
B. this[dynClipName]._x = 25;
C. this.[dynClipName]._x = 25;
D. this(dynClipName)._x = 25;
E. this.(dynClipName)._x = 25;

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 72
What symbols or objects CANNOT have Timeline effects applied to them?
A. text
B. sound
C. bitmap images
D. button symbols

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 73
What code is inserted on the first frame of a Flash document to make sure that _root references work properly when the movie is loaded into a parent movie?
A. _root = this;
B. this.enabled = true;
C. this._lockroot = true;
D. this.rootlocked = true;

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 74
If a movie clip on the main Timeline has 10 frames, what is the minimum number of frames needed in the main Timeline so the embedded movie clip plays through completely?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 10
D. 11

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 75
What does the “this” keyword reference?
circle_mc.move = function(x, y){
this._x = x;
this._y = y;

A. circle_mc
B. move function x and y
C. timeline on which circle_mc resides
D. parent timeline of the circle_mc instance

Correct Answer: A
Where can breakpoints be applied in ActionScript? (Choose TWO)
A. Output panel
B. Actions panel
C. Any text editor
D. Debugger panel
E. Script window for external AS files

Correct Answer: BD
What file types are needed to use the debugger on a remote Flash movie? (Choose TWO)

Correct Answer: AB
What best defines the debuggers Watch list?
A. undefined/problem variables
B. series of time increments between breakpoints
C. list of variables you mark to view in a separate pane
D. list of variables that the debugger determines do not match the declared type for that variable

Correct Answer: C
When can Flash Player 7 access data served from a different domain than the domain serving the SWF file?
A. never
B. only when an HTTPS connection is used
C. anytime the method is used
D. when a cross-domain policy file is used that specifies the SWFs originating server

Correct Answer: D
What most accurately describes the proper method of embedding data into an HTML page that must be passed to a Flash movie? Modify
A. only the embed tag and use escape codes.
B. only the embed tag and use un-escape codes.
C. both the embed and object tags and use escape codes.
D. both the embed and object tags and use un-escape codes.

Correct Answer: C
What is a valid property of the new Flash MX 2004 Error class that contains information about an error that occurred within a script. (Choose TWO)
A. Error.value
C. Error.output
D. Error.number
E. Error.message

Correct Answer: BE
What is required to enable the Flash Player to communicate over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?
A. Xtra extension available from Macromedia
B. nothing, Flash is unable to communicate over SSL
C. use of an applet embedded in the same HTML page
D. Flash must be playing in a browser that supports SSL

Correct Answer: D
What are possible ways to connect the Flash Player with server-side functionality? (Choose TWO)
A. Flash Remoting
B. use the DataSet component
C. import a PHP script into a Flash movie
D. XMLSocket to send/receive XML data from an ASP page
E. open a direct port to a ColdFusion page and use server-side ActionScript within a Flash movie
Correct Answer: AD
What happens when Save and Compact is selected from the File menu?
A. removes unused items from the library
B. removes file space left over from deleted items
C. reduces the FLA file size using zip compression
D. compresses the SWF file with MX 2004 compression

Correct Answer: B
Netscape requires the “swLiveConnect=true” parameter in the <EMBED> tag of an HTML document so that
A. Real Player can stream live feeds.
B. real-time transfer of XML data is possible.
C. JavaScript can communicate with Flash MX 2004.
D. Netscape can download the latest player for Flash MX 2004.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 86
When playing from a projector, what sends the name and value of the variable “username” using the
POST method?
username = “fred”;

A. Flash MX 2004 is unable to POST from a projector.
B. getURL (“http://localhost/flashtest.asp”, “_blank”, “GET”);
C. getURL (“http://localhost/flashtest.asp”, “_blank”, “POST”);
D. getURL (“http://localhost/flashtest.asp?username=” + username, “_blank”);

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 87
What is true of the relationship between a subclass and a superclass? A subclass
A. is a simplified interface for a complex superclass.
B. receives the properties and methods from a superclass.
C. does not have a constructor and a superclass has multiple constructors.
D. is a class with only properties while a superclass is a class with both properties and methods.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 88
What assigns the my_mc MovieClips height the value of 100 if the variable myProperty=”_height”;?
A. my_mc.myProperty = 100;
B. my_mc[myProperty] = 100;
C. my_mc.”myProperty” = 100;
D. my_mc[“myProperty”] = 100;

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 89
What is a package?
A. directory that contains one or more class files
B. group of related functions that perform similar tasks
C. collection of compiled clips used for saving and distributing components
D. manageable cluster of layers that the user can expand and collapse to view only the layers relevant to the current task

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 90
What are benefits of Flash Remoting? (Choose TWO)
A. automatically parses custom XML
B. provides access to client hard disk
C. access server-side methods as if they are local
D. provides access to user Webcams and microphones
E. integrates external data sources directly with Flash UI components

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 91
What does the keyword “static” do to a property?
A. forces it to only return true or false
B. implements an implicit getter or setter method
C. assigns it as a nonchangeable property for all instances of that class
D. makes it a property of the class, as opposed to an instance of the class

Correct Answer: D
A button component instance named “myButton” can trigger a custom function named “myFunction()”
using the following code:

function myFunction(){
trace(“button clicked”);

Which approaches achieve the same result using the V2 button component? (Choose THREE)

A. myButton.addEventListener(“click”, “myFunction”); function myFunction(){ trace(“button clicked”); }
B. myButton.addEventListener(“click”, myFunction); function myFunction(){ trace(“button clicked”); }
C. myButton.addEventListener(“click”, myObject); myObject=new Object();{ trace(“button clicked”); }
D. myObject=new Object();{ trace(“button clicked”); } myButton.addEventListener(“click”, myObject);
E. myButton.addEventListener(“click”, {click: trace(“button clicked”)});
F. myButton.addEventListener(“click”, {click: function(){trace(“button clicked”)}});
Correct Answer: BDF
What keyword is used to implement inheritance when using ActionScript 2 syntax?
A. proto
B. inherits
C. extends
D. prototype
Correct Answer: C
What is the value of myResult?
var my_array:Array = new Array(‘one’,’two’,’three’,’four’); myResult = my_array[2];
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

Correct Answer: C
What method of the TextField.StyleSheet class is used to add a new style to a style sheet object?
A. addStyle();
B. setStyle();
C. setNewCSS();
D. addStyleSheet();

Correct Answer: B
What statement creates a local variable that is destroyed after the function has completed execution?
A. set myValue = 5;
B. dim myValue = 5;
C. var myValue = 5;
D. local myValue = 5;

Correct Answer: C
What method creates an instance of a MovieClip symbol with a linkage name of “myMovie”?
A. myMovie=new MovieClip(“my_mc”,1);
B. myMovie.duplicateMovieClip(“my_mc”,1);
C. this.attachMovie(“myMovie”,”my_mc”,1);
D. myMovie.createEmptyMovieClip(“my_mc”,1);
Correct Answer: C
How many interfaces can a single class implement?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. no limit
Correct Answer: D
When using the loadVars() object, the Flash Player is restricted to loading variables that
A. have the same target.
B. have ASP or SWF suffix.
C. use the same Middleware.
D. are from the same domain.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 100
In order for Flash MX 2004 to read variables using a LoadVars object from a server-side application (i.e., ColdFusion, ASP, PHP or similar) the variables must
A. be in a row/column data format delimited by commas.
B. be URL-encoded name/value pairs delimited by commas.
C. be URL-encoded name/value pairs delimited by ampersands.
D. come from a database (Oracle, Access, SQL server or similar).

Correct Answer: C
What returns the string value “red” assuming node is equal to color in the XML below? (Choose TWO) <color>red</color>
A. node.nodeValue
B. node.firstChild.nodeValue
C. node.textNode.nodeValue
D. node.childNodes.nodeValue
E. node.childNodes[0].nodeValue

Correct Answer: BE
What method is used to remove white space between nodes in an XML document?
A. Call the XML.ignoreWhite() method before loading.
B. Set XML.ignoreWhite = true, before loading the document.
C. Call the XML.stripWhiteSpace() method immediately after loading.
D. Use String.split(” “).join(“”) on a string representation of the XML object.

Correct Answer: B
What defines a class named “Car” that receives additional methods and properties from a superclass named “Vehicle”?
A. class Car inherits Vehicle { }
B. class Car extends Vehicle { }
C. class Car derives Vehicle { }
D. class Car uses Vehicle { }
Correct Answer: B
Where are variables that are loaded via a LoadVars object referenced?
A. within an array
B. directly into a TextField object
C. on the timeline where they are loaded
D. in properties of the LoadVars object where they are loaded
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 105
What does Flash Remoting use to communicate with the Flash client?

Correct Answer: A
What is the valid syntax to set a property named “id” for an object defined below? (Choose TWO)
var myObject:Object = new Object();
A. = “myString”;
B. myObject(id) = “myString”;
C. myObject[id] = “myString”;
D. myObject[“id”] = “myString”;
E. = “myString”;
F. var id:String = myObject[“myString”];
G. var = “myString”;

Correct Answer: AD
What type of object does the setDataProvider() method of the ComboBox component accept?
A. Array object
B. Object object
C. TextField object
D. MovieClip object

Correct Answer: A
A button instance is named circle_btn. ActionScript is placed on the main Timeline so that when the button is clicked a movie clip instance named rec_mc ‘ s width is changed to 100. What is the best code to perform this action?
A. circle_btn.onRelease = function() { this.width=100; }
B. circle_btn.onRelease { rec_mc._width=100; }
C. circle_btn.onRelease = function { rec_mc._width=100; }
D. circle_btn.onRelease = function() { rec_mc._width=100; }
Correct Answer: D
Which property contains HTML text in the TextField object?
A. my_txt.text
B. my_txt.html
C. my_txt.htmlText
D. my_txt.textHtml

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 110
What is an example of correct syntax for calling a JavaScript function using a JavaScript pseudo-URL?
A. jsFunction:alert(“I am an alert message”);
B. getURL(“javascript:alert(‘I am an alert message’);”);
C. javascriptFunction(“alert(‘I am an alert message’);”);
D. getURL(“javascript”, “alert(‘I am an alert message’);”);

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 111
A single array can contain different elements that are different data types.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 112
What is true when using the duplicate Movie Clip() method?
A. _visible property of a movie clip is set to true upon duplication
B. duplicated movie clip can have a different parent than the source movie clip
C. movie clip that is at a depth of 4 will appear to be in front (or on top of) a movie clip that has a depth of 7
D. two movie clips can exist at the same depth and have the same parent provided they have unique instance names

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 113
What code creates an object named “person” with the two properties “name” and “age”?
A. person = {name:”fred”,age:24};
B. person = (name=”fred”,age=24);
C. person = new Array(name:”fred”,age:24);
D. person = new Object(name=”fred”, age=24);

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 114
Which option correctly defines a getter method that creates a property named “count”?
A. function getCount():Number { return _nCount; }
B. function get count():Number { return _nCount; }
C. function count():Number { return _nCount;
D. function getter count():Number { return _nCount; }

Correct Answer: B
Assume a user has granted permission and the correct native object is instantiated into objectInstanceName. What method commits persistent data to the client machine?
A. objectInstanceName.exec();
B. objectInstanceName.flush();
D. objectInstanceName.commit();

Correct Answer: B
What correctly adds a listener object named “oListener” to a Button component instance named “cbtSubmit” such that the Button component will dispatch all click events to the listener?
A. cbtSubmit.addListener(“click”, oListener);
B. cbtSubmit.addListener(oListener, “click”);
C. cbtSubmit.addEventListener(oListener, “click”);
D. cbtSubmit.addEventListener(“click”, oListener);

Correct Answer: D
What code displays the current date (based on the user’s clock setting) formatted like “3/31/2004” in the dynamic text field instance named “my_txt”?
A. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = d.getMonth()+”/”+d.getDate()+”/”+d.getYear();
B. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = d.getMonth()+1+”/”+d.getDate()+1+”/”+d.getYear();
C. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = (d.getMonth()+1)+”/”+(d.getDate()+1)+”/”+d.getFullYear();
D. var d:Date = new Date(); my_txt.text = (d.getMonth()+1)+”/”+d.getDate()+”/”+d.getFullYear();

Correct Answer: D
What ActionScript commands allow sending data out of a Flash application to a server-side application? (Choose TWO)
A. getURL
B. onSend
C. onLoad
D. loadData
E. loadMovie
Correct Answer: AE
What type of data is best suited for use with XML functions instead of loadVariables?
A. single value
B. external MovieClip
C. complex hierarchical data
D. flat list of name-value pairs

Correct Answer: C
Given the code:
function multiply(a:Number, b:Number):Number {
if(isNaN(a) || isNaN(b)) {
throw new Error(“Invalid datatype”);

else if(a == null) {
throw new Error(“a is null”);
else if(b == null) {
throw new Error(“b is null”);
else {
return (a * b);

try {
trace(multiply(1, null));
catch (erExeption:Error) {

What is displayed in the Output panel?

A. 1
B. NaN
C. a is null
D. b is null
E. Invalid datatype
Correct Answer: E
What method of the Color object is used to change the Alpha property of a movie clip with ActionScript?
A. _alpha
B. setRGB
C. setProperty
D. setTransform
Correct Answer: D
What is the value for “answer”?

function power(n,p) {
if (p==1) {
result = p;

} else {
result = p*power(n,p-1);
answer = power(3,2);

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 6
E. 9

Correct Answer: C
What type of resource can Flash MX 2004 natively use to retrieve dynamic data? (Choose TWO)
A. Text files
B. XML files
C. Java class files
D. XSL documents
E. Oracle database

Correct Answer: AB
What native object allows two separate Flash movies to communicate with each other?
A. LocalObject
B. SharedObject
C. LocalConnection
D. SharedConnection

Correct Answer: C
What is the value of y?
x = 3;
y = x–;

A. -3
B. 2
C. 3
D. Syntax error
Correct Answer: C
Where must ActionScript 2 classes be located?
A. components
B. external files
C. frame 1 of _root
D. top layer of timeline
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 127
What is used to create frame rate independent script-based animations?
A. while
B. setInterval
C. gotoAndPlay
D. onEnterFrame

Correct Answer: B
If the local date is Sunday, June 2, 2003 and the lines of ActionScript are executed, what is the value of myDay?
var my_date:Date = new Date(); var myDay:Number = my_date.getDay();
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. Sun
E. Sunday

Correct Answer: A
What defines a class member within an ActionScript 2 class that is NOT accessible to instances of the class?
A. hide var _nCount;
B. class var _nCount;
C. static var _nCount;
D. private var _nCount;
E. protected var _nCount;
Correct Answer: D
What ActionScript error will occur for the code below?

function snap {
k = 42 % 0;

A. % is not a valid operator
B. function must return a value
C. function declarations missing parenthesis
D. there is no exception processing for a division by zero error
Correct Answer: C

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