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Which statement is true of protected memory in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Protected memory is configured in System Preferences.
B. Protected memory is installed in a unique RAM slot on the motherboard.
C. Protected memory safeguards against native application errors impacting other running applications.
D. Protected memory uses a temporary file to ensure there is sufficient RAM available for open applications.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 37
The Universal Access preferences allow you to ________.
A. create new keyboard shortcuts
B. apply interface themes to the Finder
C. configure your computer as wireless access point
D. enable the use of assistive input and output devices

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 38
In Mac OS X v10.4, the default Group and Others permissions for the Drop Box folder in a user’s Public folder are ________.
A. Read only
B. Write only
C. Read & Write
D. No Access

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 39
Which statement about file and folder permissions is TRUE in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. A file’s permissions are always identical to its enclosing folder’s permissions.
B. A user with Read only permissions to a folder cannot view any files in that folder.
C. A user with Read only permissions to a folder cannot rename any files in that folder.
D. A user with Read & Write permissions to a folder cannot delete any files in that folder.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 40
What does the Repair Disk Permissions feature in Disk Utility do?
A. Restores permissions on all files from backups in the journal.
B. Restores default permissions in two top-level directories only: /System and /Users.
C. Recreates the journal when Disk Utility is launched from the Mac OS X Installation disc.
D. Restores default permissions of system files, as well as applications in the /Applications folder.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 41
When an administrator attempts to drag an application to the Applications folder, a message reports that the file was not moved because the folder, “Applications”, cannot be modified. Which step will correct this issue?
A. Log in with the Master Password.
B. Restart the computer and log in again.
C. Click the Repair Permissions button in Disk Utility.
D. Add the administrator to the wheel group on the computer.

Correct Answer: C
Which THREE features does Mac OS X 10.4 have to help the visually impaired?
A. Text to Speech
B. Speech Recognition
C. Voice Authentication
D. Full Keyboard Access
E. Audible Feedback of System Activity

Correct Answer: ADE
What requirements must be met in order to participate in a multi-way video conference in Mac OS X 10.4 iChat?
A. Broadband Internet connection, Mac OS X 10.4 iChat, and Cinema Display
B. Any Internet connection, iChat AV 2.5 or higher, iSight, and Mac OS X 10.4
C. Any Internet connection, Mac OS X 10.4 iChat, and any compatible video device
D. Broadband Internet connection, Mac OS X 10.4 iChat, and a compatible video device

Correct Answer: D
Which THREE procedures will activate Dashboard in Mac OS X 10.4?
A. Control-click the Desktop.
B. Press a predefined function key.
C. Choose the Dashboard menu bar icon.
D. Click the Dashboard icon in the Dock.
E. Double-click the Dashboard icon in the Applications folder.

Correct Answer: BDE
You can archive web pages exactly as they appear on the Internet by saving the pages as a “web archive file” in Mac OS X 10.4 Safari.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
How can you identify who is talking during a multi-way audio conference in Mac OS X 10.4?
A. The buddy’s icon is highlighted
B. By watching the sound-level meter
C. All other participants are dimmed
D. The buddy’s line is marked with a “speaking” flag

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 47
An older network printer is not appearing in the list of discovered printers in Printer Setup Utility’s Default Browser pane in Mac OS X v10.4. What is a possible remedy?
A. Select the AppleTalk plugin in Directory Access.
B. Enable the Discover Printers option in AppleTalk preferences.
C. Enable the AppleTalk option in the Printing pane of Print & Fax preferences.
D. Enable the Make AppleTalk Active option in the AppleTalk pane of Network preferences.

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