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Immediately after a successful installation of Mac OS X Server v10.3, which THREE directory configurations can you select in Server Assistant? (Choose THREE.)
A. NetInfor Parent
B. Standalone Server
C. Open Directory Replica
D. Open Directory Master
E. Active Directory Master
F. Connected to a Directory System

Correct Answer: BDF
Which three computers meet Apple’s minimum requirements for installing Mac OS X Server v10.3? (Choose THREE.)
A. eMac / 128 MB RAM/ 6 GB available disk space
B. Xserve / 1 GB RAM / 12 GB available disk space
C. iBook G4 / 256 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space
D. PowerBook g4 / 256 MB RAM / 2 GB available disk space
E. iMac (Flat Panel) / 384 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
F. iMac (Slot Loading) / 64 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space
G. Power Mac g5 / 128 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space
H. Power Mac 8500 with G3 processor upgrade / 256 MB RAM/ 5 GB available disk space

Correct Answer: ABE
When installing Mac OS X Server v10.3, on a remote computer from a local computer, what should you attempt to use as a password to gain access to the remote computer? (Choose TWO.)
A. 12345678
B. local computer’s root password
C. remote computer’s IP (Ipv4) address
D. any user-defined password present on the remote computer
E. first eight characters of the remote computer’s serial number
Correct Answer: AE
When Mac OS X Server v10.3 is installed on an empty volume, the Server Assistant lets you_______.
(Choose all that apply.)
A. configure share points
B. create new user and group accounts
C. install and configure Mac OS X Server on a remote computer
D. configure a Mac OS X Server computer to be a NetInfo parent
E. save configuration details in a file or directory services record

Correct Answer: CE
Using Open Directory you can __________.
A. enable virtual hosting
B. only authenticate kerberized services
C. manage access to domain name service
D. set up multiple LDAP domains on your network
E. configure Mac OS X Server v10.3 to provide group directory services

Correct Answer: E
Open Directory is compatible with _________.? (Choose THREE.)
A. LDS on a UNIX server
B. Samba running on Windows
C. NetInfo running on Windows 2000
D. Locally stored BSD configuration files
E. Active Directory service on a Microsoft Windows server
F. Open LDAP or other LDAP service on third-party servers.

Correct Answer: DEF
Which tool lets you define a share point that can be used to store network home folders?
A. Server Admin
B. Directory Access
C. Workgroup Manager
D. Open Directory Admin
Correct Answer: C
Kerberos can authenticate users for which THREE Mac OS X Server 10.3 services? (Choose THREE.)
F. Web services
Correct Answer: ABC
In Mac OS X Server v 10.3, you use _________ to configure access to a directory system.
A. Server Admin
B. Directory Access
C. Workgroup Manager D. Open Directory Admin
E. Open Directory Assistant

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 20
If a user or a service that uses Kerberos experiences authentication failusers, which of these steps should you try to solve the problem?
A. Change the IP address of the user’s computer.
B. View the user’s Kerberos ticket using Console.
C. Make sure that KDC is running to the user’s system
D. Make sure that the clocks for all computers are synchronized using a network time server.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 21
Which tool do you use to configure an Open Directory Master?
A. Server Admin
B. Directory Access
C. Workgroup Manager
D. Open Directory Admin

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 22
You are unable to modify a user’s Open Directory-authenticated password, nor can you modify a user account that uses Open Directory authentication. What TWO reasons can be best explain this situation? (Choose TWO.)
A. Kerberos authentication has been disabled.
B. The user account resides on a Windows LDAP server.
C. The user account is a member of an Open Directory domain.
D. Your administrator user account is not configured for Open Directory authentication.
E. You are not authenticated as an administrator of the directory domain in which the user records reside.

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 23
Which TWO statements about Open Directory are true? (Choose TWO.)
A. Open Directory is extensible via plug-ins.
B. Open Director runs on Mac OS X Server only.
C. Open Directory does NOT provide load balancing.
D. You manage Open Directory using Open Directory Assistant.
E. An Open Directory server can function as a Windows Primary Domain Controller.

Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 24
The Open Directory authentication authority can authenticate non-kerberized services using _________. (Choose TWO.)
A. cleartextpasswords
B. SSH authentication protocols, and SSH passwords
C. native authentication protocols, and passwords unique to each service
D. NTP authentication protocols, and the same password as Kerberos services.
E. nativeauthentication protocols, and the same password as Kerberos services.

Correct Answer: AE
In Mac OS X Server v10.3, Open Directory’s built-in authentication authority uses _______. (Choose all that apply.)
D. Kerberos
E. Active Directory

Correct Answer: BD
In Mac OS X Server v 10.3, you can configure Open Directory to be an Open Directory _______. (Choose all that apply)
A. relay server
B. proxy server
C. master server
D. replica server
E. shadow server

Correct Answer: CD
What information can you find in the Open Directory error and service logs that will help you when troubleshooting Open Directory problems? (Choose THREE.)
A. failed authentication attempts
B. Kerberos authentication authority
C. Kerberos tickets that have been granted
D. failed network resources installation attempts
E. list of Open Directory plug-ins that loaded successfully
F. IP addresses from which an authentication attempt was launched

Correct Answer: AEF
You have a website whose address is www. Certkiller .com. You want to add a second site with the address web. Certkiller .com, which will publish documents in the WebDocs folder. You have created a DNS recorded fro web. Certkiller .com. What additional three steps MUST you complete in Server Admin in orderto publish the documents on your new site? (Choose THREE.)
A. Enable proxy caching.
B. Add a new site from the Sites pane.
C. Define a realm for web. Certkiller .com.
D. Select the WebDocs folder as the site’s web folder.
E. Change the new website’s name to web. Certkiller .com.
F. Add a new realm to define browsing/authoring permissions for web. Certkiller .com.
Correct Answer: BDE QUESTION 29
Which are two ways to add CGE scripts to a website? (Choose TWO.)
A. Copy the required CGI scripts to /Library/WebServer/CGIExecutables/.
B. Use the Apple Script Editor to convert all HTML pages to CGE scripts.
C. Use Server Admin to create a CGI realm, and add groups needing execute permission on CGI scripts.
D. Use Server Admin to enable CGI execution per site, and place a script whose name ends in “.cgi” inside the Documents folder for each site.
E. Enable SSL and provide a global passphrase for CGI execution.

Correct Answer: AD
After enabling the web proxy server in Mac OS X Server v 10.3, you can ________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. block user access to specific external sites
B. specify a maximum proxy cache size in MB
C. specify which sites to keep cached for faster access
D. specify the folder location for the web service’s proxy cache
E. no longer change the performance caching settings.
F. no longer add realms to restrict access to internal sites

Correct Answer: ABD
Realm permissions __________.(Choose all that apply.)
A. are used for WebDAV only
B. are enforce by Server Admin
C. are enforced by the web server
D. apply to a folder in a website
E. can be assigned to users, but not to groups
Correct Answer: CD
Which statements are true about WebDAV? (Choose all that apply.)
A. WebDAV is enabled per website.
B. You must define a realm in order to use WebDAV.
C. You define the size of a WebDAV volume using Server Admin.
D. You can connect to a WebDAV server using a web browser only.
E. The WebDAV module must be turned on before WebDAV can take effect.
Correct Answer: ABE
Which logs does a web server keep? (Choose all that apply.)
A. hits log
B. error log
C. access log
D. request log
E. throughput log

Correct Answer: BC
In Mac OS X Server v10.3, the performance cache for a website ___________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. can be enabled or disabled
B. is most useful for sites with static content
C. must be disabled if SSL support is enabled
D. is most useful for sites with dynamic content
E. can NOT be enabled while WebDAV is enabled

Correct Answer: AB
Which THREE statements are true of QuickTime streaming? (Choose THREE.)
A. Before streaming a movie, it must be hinted.
B. You can only view QuickTime streams using QuickTime Player.
C. You can limit the streaming throughput of the QuickTime Streaming Server.
D. Streaming media should always be in the /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Moives folder.
E. The QuickTime Streaming Server can handle a maximum of 1,000 simultaneous streaming connections.
F. You can increase the number of simultaneous connections by using some QuickTime Streaming Servers as relays for other QuickTime Streaming Servers.

Correct Answer: ACF
How do you add password protection to a website?
A. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
B. Define a realm for the website.
C. Ensure that the owner of the website’s Documents folder is the user “www”.
D. Select “Set password” in the Sites pane of Server Admin, and enter a password.

Correct Answer: B
Which three options can you enable on a site-by-site basis in Server Admin? (Choose THREE.)
B. CGI execution
C. Performance cache
D. QuickTImeStreaming
E. Challenge-response authentication
F. allow document MIME type changes
Correct Answer: ABC
Which protocol does the QuickTime Streaming Server use?

Correct Answer: B
A web proxy server _________.(Choose all that apply.)
A. prevents users from accessing specific websites
B. protects the local web server from unauthorized access
C. enables on-site caching of content from external websites
D. limits the number of users that access the Internet simultaneously
E. improves the performance of the local web server when serving static content

Correct Answer: AC
Using Workgroup Manager in Mac OS X Server v10.3, you can NOT ________.
A. add groups to groups
B. add groups to users
C. add users to groups
D. modify a group’s ID

Correct Answer: A

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