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What is the MAXIMUM number of users you can import at one time, using the Import command in Workgroup Manager?
A. 2,000
B. 3,000
C. 10,000
D. 20,000
E. 99,999

Correct Answer: C
What is one reason to prefer an AFP share point over an NFS share point for storing home directories?
A. NFS volumes must be mounted manually.
B. AFP volumes are easier to search than NFS volumes.
C. AFP provides user-level authentication access security.
D. NFS share points do not support group-level Read and Write permissions.

Correct Answer: C
You manage the Dock position for user Sarah so it appears on the left of her screen. You manage the Dock position for the workgroup, Arts, of which Sarah is a member, so that the Dock appears on the right side of members’ screens. Where does the Dock appear when Sarah logs in as a member of the Arts workgroup?
A. left side of the screen
B. right side of the screen
C. When there is a conflict between user and workgroup preferences, the default value of the preference is used. The default Dock position is at the bottom of the screen.
D. If you are managing the Dock position for the computer list account in which the Arts workgroup is a member, the Dock position will be the same as the one defined for the computer list. If you are not managing the Dock position for the computer list, the Dock appears on the right.
Correct Answer: A
What is the MAXIMUM number of computers you can import into a computer list?
A. 3,000
B. 2,000
C. 700
D. 99
E. 10

Correct Answer: B
Which authentication mechanisms does mail service in Mac OS X Server support? (Choose all that apply.)
D. Kerberos
F. NT-Authentication

Correct Answer: CDE
WebMail________.(Choose THREE.)
A. is a POP client
B. is an IMAP client
C. is based on SquirrelMail
D. does not have its own SMTP server
E. is configured in the Mail services settings in Server Admin
F. is used to administer the mail service in Mac OS X Server v10.3

Correct Answer: BCD
Which TWO tactics will reduce the overall disk space required by mail service in Mac OS X Server v10.3? (Choose TWO.)
A. Adding a mail alias.
B. Encrypting the mail store hourly.
C. Setting a mail message size limit.
D. Setting a mail quota to limit the amount of mail stored for each user account.
E. Setting an alternate mail store location on a striped and mirrored RAID partition.

Correct Answer: CD
When configuring user’s mail accounts in Workgroup Manager, what information can you provide for each user? (Choose all that apply.)
A. mail access protocol (POP, IMAP, or both)
B. mail workgroup name
C. mail server address
D. mail quota size
E. mail filter type
F. mail list
Correct Answer: ACD
Which utility lets you test Mailbox Exchange records to confirm they are correctly configured and functioning properly?
A. Server Admin
B. Server Monitor
C. Network Utility
D. Activity Monitor
E. Workgroup Manager

Correct Answer: C
Which statement is true of mailing lists?
A. Mailing lists are a feature of WebMail.
B. You can administer mailing lists remotely by email.
C. You can use Workgroup Manager to create mailing lists.
D. Mailing list subscribers must have local accounts on the server.

Correct Answer: B
Using Server Admin in Mac OS X Server v10.3, which three options can you configure for FTP services? (Choose THREE.)
A. Enable anonymous access.
B. Enable MacBinary and disk image auto-conversion.
C. Specify a maximum number of authenticated users.
D. Specify a maximum number of downloadable files per sessions.
E. Enable Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism-MD5 (CRAM-MD5).

Correct Answer: ABC
Using Server Admin, which browsing protocols can you enable for Apple File Service? (Choose all that apply.)
C. Apple Talk
D. Redezvous
E. Open Directory

Correct Answer: CD
You are creating an SMB share point on a server with Mac OS X Server v10.3. Users on client computers will create files and folders on the share point. Which statements are true of newly created files and folders? (Choose all that apply.)
A. You can assign permissions on shared files.
B. Shared files’ permissions are defined by the umask.
C. You can set shared files to inherit permissions from the parent folder.
D. Owner and Group always get Read & Write permissions to shared files.
E. The permissions you set for files and folders only apply to Mac OS X client computers.
Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 74
Which three user actions can be logged and monitored in Apple File Service? (Choose THREE.)
A. file creation
B. file deletion
C. folder creation
D. CPU utilization
E. ownership changes
F. permissions changes

Correct Answer: ABC
You are offering FTP services over the Internet to users who may be behind a firewall. You should advise users to enable passive FTP if they are behind a firewall that ________.
A. requires SFTP
B. has FTP tunneling disabled
C. does not allow FTP connections
D. does not allow all FTP connection modes

Correct Answer: D
By default, FTP service in Mac OS X Server v10.3 can ____________ files on the fly, at the time the files are requested. (Choose all that apply.)
A. install
B. encode
C. archive
D. encrypt
E. compress
F. unencrypt
Correct Answer: BCE
When you configure NFS export settings for a share point, selecting “Map All users to nobody” _________.
A. prevents export of any items or contents to any users
B. tell the NFS server to treat every user the same: as nobody
C. tells the NFS server to trust what the client reports for user identification
D. creates a shared user list of valid IP addresses to communicate with via NFS
Correct Answer: B
Using the Windows service in Server Admin, Mac OS X Server v10.3 can be configured to __________.
(Choose all that apply.)
A. allow Guest access
B. reshare NFS volumes
C. be an Active Directory server
D. be a Primary Domain Controller
E. be a member of a Windows workgroup

Correct Answer: ADE QUESTION 79
In Mac OS X Server v10.3, you should enable strict locking when you are sharing a volume over ________.
A. FTP only
B. AFP only
C. SMB only
D. AFT and FTP
E. AFP and SMB

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 80
Network users often have multiple passwords, a distinct password for each network service they access. Which is NOT a valid way to simplify this situation for users in Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Set up a Kerberos environment on the network.
B. Have users store their login information for different servers in Keychain.
C. Set up a directory service to make user and password information available to all computers.
D. Have users access network servers without authenticating, using the Network icon in the Finder-rather than using the Connect Server command, which requires users to authenticate.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 81
Which is an appropriate FIRST step when performing a software update on multiple computers that have Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Restart each computer in single-user mode.
B. On one computer, choose Download Checked items from the update menu in Software update.
C. On one computer, choose copy update to multiple computers from the update menu in software update.
D. Copy the Software Update preferences from a computer on which the update has been installed to all the other computers.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 82
You are in a Terminal window, and your current directory is your home directory. What could you type to display the contents of the file named my file? Which resides in your home directory?
A. cat My File
B. cat /Myfile
C. cat~MyFile
D. cat./MyFile
E. cat ~/MyFile

Correct Answer: ADE QUESTION 83
Which statements are true about Open Directory? Choose all that apply
A. Open Directory is extensible via plug-ins.
B. Open Directory runs on Mac OS X Server only.
C. Open Directory does NOT provide load balancing.
D. You manage Open Directory using Open Directory Assisyant.
E. An Open Directory server can function as a windows Primary Domain Controller.

Correct Answer: AE
What does the Console utility do?
A. Displays log files
B. Controls monitor setup.
C. Enables the root user to access hidden files.
D. Allows any user to access the command line
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