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In a WPA Enterprise infrastructure, the RADIUS server manages ________.
A. the TKIP process
B. user names and passwords
C. MAC addresses of authorized clients
D. user Access Control Lists (user ACLs)

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 22
WEP authentication ________; 802.1X does not.
A. requires a RADIUS server to support encryption
B. provides a secure connection between any two points
C. supports per-user passwords without a RADIUS server
D. uses a shared encryption key for all devices on the network

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 23
What two (2) command-line tools can help identify suspicious activity that could indicate malicious software on a computer?
(Choose TWO.)
A. ps
B. secutil
C. hdiutil
D. scanps
E. netstat

Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 24
A shadow password is stored ________.
A. in the local LDAP database
B. in the local NetInfo database
C. in a file in /var/db/shadow/hash/
D. when you use the crypt() command

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 25
You have configured your AirPort Base Station for 128-bit WEP authentication, and have assigned a network passphrase. Why would you need to distribute the 26-digit hex key to your users?
A. WEP with 802.1x requires a hex key for asymmetric encryption
B. The hex key allows for compatibility with older machines and different platforms
C. WEP requires users to enter a hex key to connect to the network using 128-bit encryption.
D. You want the strongest possible WEP key: a hex key is stronger than a passphrase, because it is not susceptible to dictionary attacks.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
Which statement is true of secure authentication for POP clients using Mac OS X Server mail services?
A. Mac OS X Server mail services support LAN Manager password hashes.
B. When using APOP authentication, the Mail server stores passwords in a recoverable form.
C. When using Kerberos for authentication, the client should disable Open Directory authentication
D. When using Kerberos for authentication, the Mail server must reside on the same host as the KDC

Correct Answer: B
You want to use Directory Access Control Lists (DACLs) in LDAP. Which step must you complete?
A. Turn on Access Control in Server Admin.
B. Edit the rules to allow “read” by anonymous.
C. Add the line disallow bind_anon to slapd.conf.
D. Edit the AccessControlEntry attribute in Inspector in Workgroup Manager.

Correct Answer: D
In your web browser you type a URL that starts with https://. To what port will your browser connect, by default?
A. 80
B. 443
C. 5410
D. 8080

Correct Answer: B
Which command will create an encrypted disk image?
A. hdiutil create SecretImage.sparseimage -size 2g -encryption -fs HFS+ -volname SecretImage.sparseimage
B. mkdisk /mnt/SecretImage.sparseimage mount -encryption -fs HFS+ /dev/ram /mnt/SecretImage.sparseimage
C. mkdisk create SecretImage.sparseimage -size 2g -encryption -fs HFS+ -volname SecretImage.sparseimage
D. hdiutil /mnt/SecretImage.sparseimage mount -encryption -fs HFS+ /dev/ram /mnt/SecretImage.sparseimage
Correct Answer: A
How do you interact with the Authorization framework when you want to add or remove user rights?
A. Edit the /etc/authorization file.
B. Edit the /var/authorization file.
C. Edit the /etc/rc/rc.common file.
D. Use Workgroup Manager to modify user policies.
E. Use dscl to add policy information to the local NetInfo database.
Correct Answer: A
Which security technology protects email passwords from network snooping?
B. Kerberos
C. Shadow Hash
D. Digital Signatures

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 32
Why should you avoid logging in as an administrator to perform routine tasks?
A. If you log in as an administrator, malicious programs can listen on privileged ports (ports below 1024) without requiring further authentication.
B. If you log in as an administrator, untrusted programs can write to sensitive areas of the file structure without requiring further authentication.
C. If you log in as an administrator, and a malicious user gains access to your computer, he or she can edit users’ home folders without requiring further authentication.
D. If you log in as an administrator, and launch Terminal to perform routine tasks, malicious programs can run sudo commands without requiring further authentication.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 33
What two (2) steps are necessary to configure your HTTP website to forward to an SSL website? (Choose TWO.)
A. In Server Admin, start the https service.
B. In Server Admin’s Web pane, create a rule that forwards all traffic through port 8080
C. In Server Admin’s Web pane, select the Enable Secure Forwarding checkbox and click OK.
D. In Server Admin’s Web pane, select the Enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox and click OK.
E. In Server Admin’s Web pane, edit the http:// site, and select “Add new alias or redirect”, then enter the URL for the secure site.

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 34
You want to use ACLs to prevent members of the Guest group from reading your file, named file1. Which command will accomplish this?
A. aclctl guest+r file1
B. aclctl add “guest deny read” file1
C. chmod +a “guest deny read” file1
D. chmod setacl “guest deny read” file1

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 35
Which command will find files that have the SUID bit set?
A. sudo locate -s
B. sudo locate -perm suid
C. sudo find / -perm suid -print
D. sudo find / -perm +4000 -print

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 36
Which two (2) steps can you take to prevent your mail service in Mac OS X Server v10.4 from being used as an open relay?
(Choose TWO.)
A. Require SMTP authentication.
B. Require APOP authentication.
C. Configure the firewall to block port 110.
D. Configure the firewall to block port 323.
E. Limit the hosts and networks from which you accept relays.

Correct Answer: AE
Which two (2) protocols encrypt data transferred over the network?
(Choose TWO.)

Correct Answer: AC
Which action will result in a secure connection to a server?
A. Enable Secure Remote Apple Events in Sharing preferences on the server.
B. Press and hold the Option key while double-clicking the server discovered via Bonjour.
C. In Finder, choose “Connect to Server” from the Go menu, and enter afp-s://<servername> in the Server Address field, then select Connect.
D. In Terminal, choose “Connect to Server” from the File menu, then select Secure Shell (ssh) from the Service column, and the server from the Server column.

Correct Answer: D
Which protocol can be enabled in Mac OS X Mail to handle encryption of communication with a mail server?
A. MD5
D. Kerberos
Correct Answer: B
Where should you look to determine which Certificate Authorities are trusted by Safari?
A. In Security preferences, select the X509Anchors tab.
B. In Keychain Access, select the X509Anchors keychain.
C. In Network preferences, select Security, then X509Anchors.
D. In Safari preferences, click the Advanced button, then select X509Anchors.
Correct Answer: B
You want to give the group labadmin the ability to unlock any user’s screen saver, but not give the group any further administrative rights. How do you do this?
A. Create a new right and rule in the /etc/authorization file
B. Make the labadmin group a subgroup of the admin group.
C. Add all members of the labadmin group to the admin group.
D. Use Desktop and Screen Saver preferences to allow the labadmin group to unlock the screen saver.

Correct Answer: A
You have various sensitive documents that you want to keep encrypted, while still being able to distribute them to others. Which feature is best for this task?
A. Keychain
B. FileVault
C. Finder Archive
D. Encrypted Disk Image

Correct Answer: D
According to Password Assistant’s policy rules, a “memorable” password consists of ________.
A. a phrase from a syntactically correct sentence
B. a difficult-to-spell word from the local dictionary
C. a one- to three-digit number, followed by a punctuation mark, followed by a word from the local dictionary
D. a word from the local dictionary, followed by a one- to three-digit number, followed by a punctuation mark, followed by another word from the local dictionary

Correct Answer: D
You use the Keychain Access Certificate Assistant to create a certificate.
What three (3) items appear in your keychain for the certificate?
(Choose THREE.)
A. the certificate signing request
B. the public key for your certificate
C. the private key for your certificate
D. the password for the encrypted PEM file
E. a link to the proper certificate from X509 Anchors
F. the certificate you just created with the Certificate Assistant

Correct Answer: BCF
Which statement describes a practical approach to enforcing security for a computer that has programs owned by root which have the SUID bit set?
A. Disable root with the nicl command.
B. Delete any program that has the SUID bit set.
C. Change all SUID bits to SGID bits, and run a daily script to delete any programs that have the SUID bit set.
D. Create a list of all your essential programs that have the SUID bit set, then check your computers frequently for programs not on the list, and remove them.

Correct Answer: D
Which action will enable ACLs on a Mac OS X v10.4 volume?
A. Use Disk Utility to enable ACLs on a volume
B. Get Info on the volume and select Enable ACLs.
C. Type “sudo diskutil enableACL /” in Terminal.
D. Type “sudo /usr/sbin/fsaclctl -p / -e” in Terminal.

Correct Answer: D
You must configure Mac OS X so that each of your users can access his or her home folder over the network. Which service, if used to accomplish this goal, would cause a weak hash of each user’s password to be stored in the shadow hash file?
B. Remote Login
C. Windows Sharing
D. Personal File Sharing
E. Personal Web Sharing

Correct Answer: C
When configuring Bluetooth on your Mac OS X v10.4 computer, which three (3) security options should you set to restrict access to your computer via Bluetooth?
(Choose THREE.)
A. Require TKIP for all Bluetooth connections.
B. Require pairing for all Bluetooth file transfers.
C. Require Bluetooth serial port for all file transfers.
D. Turn off discoverability in the Bluetooth Status menu.
E. Prompt for each file received via Bluetooth File Transfer.
F. Enable the firewall for Bluetooth File Transfer service in System Preferences.
Correct Answer: BDE
Which statement describes an effective method to conceal an installed rootkit?
A. Install the rootkit in /, so it is hidden from most users.
B. Install modified utilities, like ls and ps, that do not see the rootkit.
C. Set the rootkit permissions to 1–, so only the root user can execute it.
D. Add the command #! /bin/csh hidden at the beginning of the shell script, to remove all commands from the history file
Correct Answer: B
How do you enable SpamAssassin in Mail services in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. Add the line SPAMFILTER=-YES- to /etc/hostconfig.
B. Type “sudo /bin/spamassassin -C” in Terminal.
C. In Server Admin, choose Mail, then Filters, then select “Scan email for junk mail.”
D. On the server computer, type “http://localhost:5729” in a web browser’s address field to open the SpamAssassin web configuration utility, then click Enable.

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