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Which two items are used to help convert a lightweight AP into an autonomous AP? (Choose two.)
A. HTTP express setup on the AP
B. Cisco WCS template
C. Cisco WLC CLI
D. Windows Cisco Conversion Tool
E. image with naming convention of platform_name-k9w7-tar.default
F. image with naming convention of platform_name-rcvk9w8-tar
Correct Answer: CE Explanation
Which three AP modes of operation allow for the wIPS sub mode? (Choose three.)
A. local mode
B. bridge mode
C. monitor mode
D. H-REAP mode
E. rogue detector mode
F. SE-Connect mode
G. sniffer mode
Correct Answer: ACD Explanation
A lightweight AP has been deployed in local mode in a network that consists of 10 wireless LAN controllers in a single mobility group. The AP has been configured to use primary, secondary, and tertiary Cisco WLCs. Due to a major power failure, all those Cisco WLCs are unavailable.
Which step does the AP take next?
A. The AP reboots and repeatedly attempts to join the configured primary, secondary, and tertiary Cisco WLCs in that order. The process continues until one of the configured Cisco WLCs is available.
B. The AP attempts to join a Cisco WLC configured as a master controller.
C. The AP attempts to join the Cisco WLC that has the greatest capacity available.
D. The AP state transitions to AP Fallback Mode and continues to provide limited WLAN services (that is, no new client authentications) until a Cisco WLC is available.
Correct Answer: B Explanation
An AP using version 7.0 MR1 broadcasts a Layer 3 CAPWAP discovery message on the local IP subnet. Which step does the AP take next?
A. Determine if the controller responses include the primary controller.
B. Determine if the controller responses include the master controller.
C. Send a discovery request using DHCP option 43.
D. Send a discovery request using DNS.
E. Send a discovery request using locally stored information on the AP.
F. Send a discovery request using OTAP.
Correct Answer: E Explanation
Which three Cisco Unified Wireless Network capabilities use information that is provided by Radio Resource Management neighbor messages? (Choose three.)
A. aggressive load balancing
B. dynamic channel assignment
C. hybrid remote edge access point
D. inter controller mobility (that is, mobility groups)
E. over-the-air provisioning
F. rogue AP classification
Correct Answer: BEF Explanation
A controller is connected to a Cisco Catalyst switch. The switch port configuration looks like this:
interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/10 switchport switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,20,30,50 switchport trunk native vlan 20 switchport mode trunk
Which controller CLI command assigns its management interface to the native VLAN interface of the Cisco Catalyst switch?
A. config interface vlan management 0
B. config interface vlan management 1
C. config interface vlan management 20
D. config interface vlan management 30
E. config interface vlan management 50
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Which three options relate to event-driven RRM? (Choose three.)
A. any 802.11n AP models
B. specific AP models
C. minimum of AP and WLC
D. minimum of AP, WLC, and WCS
E. minimum of AP, WLC, WCS, and MSE
F. configurable in WLC at 802.11b/g/n > RRM > TPC
G. configurable in WLC at 802.11b/g/n > RRM > DCA
Correct Answer: BCG Explanation
A Cisco Aironet 1260 AP is unable to join a Cisco 2500 Series WLC that is connected through a Layer 2 switch.
Which three options help to verify the wireless network operation and locate a possible issue? (Choose three.)
A. Verify status of GUI Wireless > Country
B. Verify status of GUI Wireless > Timers
C. Verify status of GUI WLANs > ID > Advanced
D. CLI debug of dot11
E. CLI debug of DHCP
F. Verify Cisco WLC license
G. Verify Cisco WLC model
Correct Answer: AEF Explanation
An AP has been configured for personal wireless access to the Internet.
Which item should be configured on the wireless client?
A. RF channel
D. 802.1X/EAP
E. broadcast SSID

Correct Answer: C Explanation
You need to set up an ad hoc connection to another client in a conference room to exchange files using Windows 7. Which two items do you need to create this connection? (Choose two.)
A. SSID name
B. RF channel
C. 802.1X/EAP credentials
D. pre-shared key
E. Telnet
F. IBSS name
Correct Answer: DF Explanation

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