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Latest Cisco Account manager 700-105 exam dumps

Which two statements about Cisco Validated Designs and Smart Business Architectures are true?
(Choose two.)
A. Cisco Validated Designs provide proven design of solutions that include only Cisco products and thus
ensure single-vendor solutions.
B. Cisco Validated Designs are end-to-end designs that are well-tested and fully documented.
C. Smart Business Architecture guides are available for enterprise-sized deployments only.
D. Smart Business Architecture is a blueprint for delivering the three Cisco architectures in a modular
Correct Answer: BD

Which description of the Cisco Collaboration architecture is true’?
A. a flexible network framework designed to enable integration with the collaboration requirements of the
B. a flexible collaboration framework designed to support any customer and any user collaboration needs
C. a collaboration framework designed to support the collaboration needs of a typical large enterprise
D. a collaboration framework designed to integrate the existing customer collaboration functionalities with
Cisco network infrastructure
Correct Answer: A

Which option is a key challenge for customers and their IT teams caused by the evolution of
communication tools?
A. skills of the IT teams
B. keeping the organizational structure unchanged while adapting to new collaboration solutions
C. fragmentation and complexity of collaboration tools
D. time for implementation of collaboration hardware
E. managing infrastructure that is not based on Cisco Collaboration
F. costs of collaboration
Correct Answer: D

Which two operational benefits are provided by Cisco Business Edition 6000 virtualization? (Choose two.)
A. reduced risk because each application runs on a separate physical server
B. reduced costs through integrated management and a scalable platform
C. time savings through easy platform management
D. support for multiple management platforms
E. reduced costs through support for traditional TDM-based voice systems
Correct Answer: BC

Which four companies are the strongest Cisco competitors in the area of unified communications and
collaboration? (Choose four)
A. Juniper
B. Avaya
C. Siemens – UnifyD. ZTE
E. Mitel
F. Brocade
G. Microsoft
Correct Answer: BCGH

In which two ways does Cisco Business Edition 6000 deployment mitigate and reduce business risk?
(Choose two.)
A. Cisco proprietary communications protocols mitigate the risk of interoperability with other collaboration
devices from other vendors.
B. Cisco Collaboration architecture supports all major operating systems and devices, which minimizes
the risk of a device not being supported
C. Cisco Jabber uses a consistent user interface on all devices. Change of devices does not impact user
D. End-to-end, the Cisco Collaboration solution eliminates the risk that the applications and devices of
other vendors will not be supported.
Correct Answer: BC

Which three Cisco Collaboration applications are supported on the Cisco BE6000M and H platforms?
(Choose three.)
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
B. Cisco Expressway
C. Cisco Unity Connection
D. Cisco Data Virtualization and Data Federation
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Correct Answer: AEF

Which three collaboration methods are addressed directly by Cisco Collaboration solutions? (Choose
A. dispersed workforce
B. trust at a distance
C. social media collaboration
D. structured meetings
E. team collaboration
F. find and connect
G. persistent chat
Correct Answer: ADF

Which Cisco online resource provides partners with the most comprehensive set of Cisco BE6000 sales
materials that are aligned to the sales cycle?
A. Cisco Selling Collab Portal
B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 Product home page
C. Cisco Promotions and IncentiveD. Cisco BE6000 Partner Sales Guide
Correct Answer: A

What value does Cisco Business Edition 6000 bring to midmarket businesses?
A. enhanced collaboration functionalities by adding only few additional servers
B. affordable, advanced collaboration functionalities on a single server
C. colocation with the existing telephony system
D. adds video collaboration capabilities on top of the existing telephony system
Correct Answer: B

Which three options are important functionalities of Cisco WebEx? (Choose three.)
A. support for third-party platforms
B. mobile, Windows, Mac, and TV clients
C. storage space for documents
D. high-definition audio and video
E. document, application, and screen sharing
F. on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment
Correct Answer: AEF

How many devices are supported by the Cisco BE6000S model?
A. 2500
B. 1000
C. 300
D. 150
Correct Answer: A

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