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Exam A
QUESTION 1 Spanning Layer 2 across geographically separate data centers is a key consideration for current data center designs. Which is the name of the NX-OS technology that facilitates MAC in IP transport for Layer 2 VLANs across any IP network?
A. Overlay Transport Virtualization
B. Virtual Private LAN Services
C. Generic Routing Encapsulation
D. QinQ tunneling

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 2 Which three technologies are recommended to be used for WAN connectivity in today’s Enterprise Edge designs? (Choose three.)
B. Metro Ethernet
C. Frame Relay
G. Wireless

Correct Answer: ABD
Which is usually used to connect to an upstream ISP?

D. RIPv2

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 4 An enterprise campus module is typically made up of four submodules, as described by the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model. Which two submodules are part of this module?
B. enterprise branch
C. building distribution
D. server farm/data center
Correct Answer: CD
At which layer of the network is route summarization recommended?

A. data link layer
B. core layer
C. distribution layer
D. access layer

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 6 Which Cisco device has the sole function at looking at threat detection and mitigation at the Enterprise edge?
A. Cisco IOS router
B. Cisco ASA
C. Cisco Catalyst FWSM
D. Cisco IPS

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 7 If a teleworker is required to access the branch office via a secure IPSEC VPN connection, which technology is recommended to provide the underlying transport?
B. Metro Ethernet
C. Frame Relay

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 8 You are asked to design a new branch office that will need to support 25 users. These users will be using an ISP connection and will need to connect to the main office for network services.
Which two Cisco devices are the most appropriate to fulfill all these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco IPS
B. Cisco ISR G2
C. Cisco ASA
D. Cisco 2960
E. Cisco CRS-1
F. Cisco ACS

Correct Answer: BC
QUESTION 9 WAN backup over the Internet is often used to provide primary connection redundancy. Which is the most important consideration when passing corporate traffic over the public Internet?
A. security
B. static versus dynamic routing
C. bandwidth
D. QoS
E. latency

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 10 To provide Layer 2 connectivity between the primary and remote data centers, given that the two data centers are using Layer 3 routed DCIs, which NX-OS technology can be used to facilitate this requirement?
E. vPC

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 11 Which subnet address and mask would you use for all Class D multicast addresses to be matched within an access list?

Correct Answer: B
Which three are features of LWAPP? (Choose three.)

A. firmware synchronization
B. local management of APs
C. configuration changes manually synced
D. encryption of control channel
E. configuration data only on the WLC
F. wireless control free operation
G. replaces 802.1x for authentication in wireless connections

Correct Answer: ADE
Which mode is used to exclusively look for unauthorized access points?

A. monitor mode
B. sniffer mode
C. rogue detector mode
D. local mode

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 14 Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services relies heavily on the 802.1X protocol. Which other authentication solution is used hand-in-hand with 802.1X to authenticate users for network access?
C. IPsec

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 15 Which two devices would you place in your DMZ to ensure enterprise edge security? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: AC
Which protocol is used for voice bearer traffic?


Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 17 Your supervisor wants you to recommend a management protocol that will allow you to track overall bandwidth utilization, utilization by traffic type, and utilization by source and destination. Which is ideally suited for this function?
A. MRTG B. Netflow

Correct Answer: B
Which WLC interface is dedicated for WLAN client data?

A. virtual interface
B. dynamic interface
C. management interface
D. AP manager interface
E. service port interface

Correct Answer: B
A hierarchical design of the EIGRP domain facilitates which two of the following?
(Choose two.)

A. route summarization
B. faster convergence
C. unequal cost load balancing
D. redistribution
E. virtual links

Correct Answer: AB
Which three are associated with the distribution layer within the campus design?
(Choose three.)

A. access layer aggregation
B. route summarization
C. network trust boundary
D. next-hop redundancy
E. layer 2 switching
F. port security
G. broadcast suppression

Correct Answer: ABD
QUESTION 21 Which two methods are used to reduce the mesh links required between iBGP peers in the same AS? (Choose two.)
A. community
B. router reflectors
C. local preference
D. confederations
E. atomic aggregate

Correct Answer: BD
QUESTION 22 Which network virtualization technology involves creating virtual routers with its own individual routing tables on a physical router?
B. vPC

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following three options represents the components of the Teleworker
(Choose three.)

A. Cisco Unified IP Phone
B. Cisco 880 Series Router
C. Aironet Office Extend Access Point
D. Catalyst 3560 Series Switch
E. Cisco 2900 Series Router
F. MPLS Layer 3 VPN
G. Leased lines

Correct Answer: ABC
Which two features are supported by single wireless controller deployments?
(Choose two.)

A. automatic detection and configuration of LWAPPs
B. LWAPP support across multiple floors and buildings
C. automatic detection and configuration of RF parameters
D. Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming
E. controller redundancy
F. mobility groups

Correct Answer: AB
Which three describe challenges that are faced when deploying an environment
for teleworkers?
(Choose three.)

A. supporting a mix of technically knowledgeable and nontechnical users
B. simplifying router installation and configuration
C. verifying available power at employee’s house for necessary equipment
D. avoiding situations where employees might use nonstandard hardware or configurations
E. reducing daily commuting time to main office location
F. providing access to FTP servers located in main office location
G. implementing leased line connectivity between main office and employee’s home location
Correct Answer: ABD
QUESTION 26 Which consideration is the most important for the network designer when considering IP routing?
A. convergence
B. scalability
C. on-demand routing
D. redistribution

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 27 You want to gather as much detail as possible during a network audit, to include data time stamping across a large number of interfaces, customized according to interface, with a minimal impact on the network devices themselves. Which tool would you use to meet these requirements?
C. NetFlow
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 28 Which two of these practices are considered to be best practices when designing the access layer for the enterprise campus? (Choose two)
A. Implement all of the services (QoS, security, STP, and so on) in the access layer, offloading the work from the distribution and core layers.
B. Always use a Spanning Tree Protocol; preferred is Rapid PVST+.
C. Use automatic VLAN pruning to prune unused VLANs from trunked interface to avoid broadcast propagation.
D. Avoid wasted processing by disabling STP where loops are not possible.
E. Use VTP transparent mode to decrease the potential for operational error

Correct Answer: BE
Which of these statements is true concerning the data center access layer design?

A. one-way router redistribution avoids the requirement for state or default routes.
B. With Layer 2 access, the default gateway for the servers can be configured at the access or aggregation layer
C. A dual-homing NIC requires a VLAN or trunk between the two access switches to support the dual IP address on the two server links to two separate switches.
D. The access layer is normally not required, as dual homing is standard from the servers to the aggregation layer.

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 30 Which one of these statements should the designer keep in mind when considering the advanced routing features?
A. one-way router redistribution avoids the requirement for state or default routes.
B. Redistribution, summarization, and filtering are most often applied between the campus core and enterprise edge.
C. Filtering only occurs on the routing domain boundary using redistribution
D. Summarize routes at the core toward the distribution layer.
E. The hierarchical flexibility of IPv6 addressing avoids the requirement for routing traffic reduction using aggregation.

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 31 Which IPv6 feature enables routing to distribute connection requests to the nearest content server?
A. Link-local
B. Site-local
C. Anycast
D. Multicast
E. Global aggregatable

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 32 Which one of these statements is true about addressing redundancy within the WAN environment?
A. The reliability and speed of DSL allow for cost savings by not including redundant links.
B. CAMDM and dark fiber offer advanced redundancy features such as automatic backup and repair mechanism to cope system faults
C. An SLA is one way to eliminate the need for redundancy.
D. The failure of a single SONET/SDH link or network element does not lead to failure of the entire network.

Correct Answer: D
Which one of these statements is true concerning the enterprise data center?

A. It can be located either at the enterprise campus or at a remote branch.
B. Remote data center connectivity requirements align with the small office design.
C. The data center designs will differ substantially depending on whether the location is on campus or remote.
D. A remote branch with a data center becomes the enterprise campus.

Correct Answer: C
A global corporation has an internal network with the following characteristics:

-2,000,000+ hosts
-10,000 + routers
-Internal connectivity
-high traffic volumes with business partners and customers
Which statement best describes what a flexible IPv6 strategy would look like for this corporation?
A. Both hosts and routers would run dual stack
B. Hosts would run IPv4 and routers would run native IPv6
C. Hosts would run dual stack and routers would run IPv4 only
D. Hosts would run IPv6 and routers would run native IPv6
Correct Answer: A Exam B

QUESTION 1 In terms of remote office design, which one of these statements is a characteristics only of a small remote office (up to 50 user), and not of medium or remote offices?
A. Link redundancy to access layer switches is not possible with an integrated design.
B. A collapsed access and distribution layer is required.
C. There are no loops in the network design.
D. Layer 3 services such as DHCP, firewall, and NAT are provided by enterprise campus.

Correct Answer: C
Which two statements about the data Center Aggregation layer are correct?
(Choose two)

A. Layer 4 through layer 7 services are provided in that layer
B. STP should never be supported in that layer
C. That layer is the critical point for control and application services
D. Layer 2 connectivity is provided in that layer from the data center to the core

Correct Answer: AC
QUESTION 3 With respect to IPv6 addressing, from a design perspective, which of these statements is it important to keep in mind?
A. IPv6 addressing provides convenience of anycast addressing without any configuration requirements.
B. IPv6 does not use multicast addressing.
C. An IPv6 router will not forward packets from one link to other links if the packet has either a link- local source or a link-local destination address.
D. Dynamic address assignment requires DHCPv6.

Correct Answer: C
When designing the infrastructure protection portion for the enterprise edge,
which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider?

A. 802. IX
B. ACLs in the core layer
C. Cisco Security MARS

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 5 What is primary consideration when choosing a routed network design over a traditional campus network design?
A. Layer 3 service support at the network edge
B. the routing protocol choice: open (OSPF) or proprietary (EIGRP)
C. the routing abilities of the host devices
D. the need to control the broadcast domains within the campus core

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 6 A large enterprise requires sensitive information be transmitted over a public infrastructure. It requires confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. Which security solution best meets these requirements?
A. Cisco IOS Firewall
B. Intrusion Prevention
E. Traffic Guard Protector

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 7 When selecting which hardware switches to use throughout an enterprise campus switched network, which consideration is not relevant?
A. whether data link layer switching based the MAC address is required
B. the number of shared media segments
C. which infrastructure service capabilities are required
D. whether to support Layer 3 services at the network edge.

Correct Answer: B
Layer 2 switching is exclusively used in which Enterprise Campus Module layer?

A. Server Farm
B. Campus Core
C. Building Access
D. Building Distribution
E. Internet Connectivity

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 9 Which one of these statements describes why, from a design perspective, a managed VPN approach for enterprise teleworkers is a most effective?
A. A managed VPN solution uses a cost effective, on-demand VPN tunnel back to the enterprise
B. This solution supports all teleworkers who do not require voce or video
C. This architecture provides centralized management where the enterprise can apply security policies and push configurations.
D. It provides complete flexibility for remote access through a wireless hotspot or a guest network at a host, in addition to a home office.

Correct Answer: C
For which network scenario is static routing most appropriate?

A. parallel WAN links
C. expanding networks
D. hierarchical routing

Correct Answer: B
Which aspect would most likely be found in the draft design document?

A. a list of QoS requirements
B. a note that there are no segments with more than 70 percent broadcast or multicast traffic
C. the level of redundancy or high availability that currently exists or is required in the network
D. the list of network infrastructure services which are in use, such as voice and video

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 12 Your company’s Cisco routers are operating with EIGRP. You need to join networks with an acquisition’s heterogeneous routers at 3 sites, operating with EIGRP and OSPF. Which describes the best practice for routing protocol deployment?
A. apply OSPF throughout both networks
B. apply one-way redistribution exclusively at each location
C. apply two way redistribution exclusively at each location
D. apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at only one location
E. apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at each location
F. apply EIGRP with the same autonomous system throughout both networks

Correct Answer: E
QUESTION 13 When considering the enterprise campus design, which network application category most influences the network design?
A. peer-to-peer
B. client-local server
C. client-enterprise edge server
D. client-server farm

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 14 When designing the wireless portion of an enterprise campus network, which one of these statements should serve as a strict guideline?
A. Wireless controllers should be distributed throughout the building distribution layers
B. Dynamic controller redundancy, where the access points attempt to join the least loaded controller, is a best-practice approach.
C. Wireless controllers should be centralized in the core layer
D. To improve the RF coverage, the controllers of any building should be put in the same mobility group.

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 15 When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer does the remote Access and VPN module establish its connection?
A. Building Access
B. Campus Core
C. Enterprise Branch
D. Enterprise Data Center

Correct Answer: B

CCNA Composite Exam: Cisco 640-864 CCNAX is the composite exam associated with the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX) course. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network. The topics include all the areas covered under ICND 1 and ICND2 Exams.
Which of these is the equation used to derive a 64 Kbps bit rate?

A. 2 x 8 kHz x 4-bit code words
B. 8 kHz x 8-bit code words
C. 2 x 4-bit code words x 8 kHz
D. 2 x 4 kHz x 8-bit code words

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 17 Which one of these statements best describes the challenge of the designer when dealing with IP routing?
A. OSPF supports fast convergence does not require periodic routing table updates, so the optional network design is best simplified with the network as a single backbone area.
B. Manual summarization is limited to ABRs and ASBRs, therefore the designer must pay strict attention to the EIGRP topology.
C. EIGRP, as a proprietary protocol, has special challenges when dealing with networks deployed with IPv6.
D. Effective scalability with OSPF requires the designer to pay strict attention to the hierarchical network structure, localizing topology changes.

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 18 When designing the identity and access control portions for the enterprise campus network, which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider?
A. 802.1x
B. ACLs in the core layer
C. Cisco Security MARS
D. NetFlow

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 19 DataQuirk is a web-based medical transcription company for exotic-animal veterinarians. The company recently added a third ISP for international business. They are organizing the enterprise network into a fully operational Enterprise Edge.
To which two modules will the three ISPs be directly related? (Choose two.)
B. E-commerce
D. Edge Distribution
E. internet Connectivity
F. Remote Access VPN

Correct Answer: BE
Which codec does Cisco recommend for WAN links?

A. G.711
B. G.723
C. G.728
D. G.729

Correct Answer: D
The enterprise campus core layer has requirements that are unique from the distribution and access layers. Which of the following is true about the core layer?
A. The core layer provides convergence using Layer 2 and Layer 3 services and features.
B. The core layer provides high availability to support the distribution layer connections to the enterprise edge.
C. The campus core layer is optional.
D. The core layer requires high performance to manage the traffic policing across the backbone.
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 22 Which one of these statements is true concerning the data center distribution (aggregation) layer design?
A. With Layer 3 at the aggregation layer, the physical loops in the topology must still be managed by STP.
B. The boundary between Layer 2 and Layer 3 must reside in the multilayer switches, independent of any other devices such as firewalls or content switching devices.
C. A mix of both Layer 2 and Layer 3 access is sometimes the most optimal.
D. In a small data center, the aggregation layer can connect directly to the campus core, exchanging IP routes and MAC address tables.

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 23 When designing the threat detection and mitigation portion for the enterprise data center network, which of the following would be the most appropriate solution to consider?
A. 802.1X
B. ACLs in the core layer
C. Cisco Security MARS
D. Cisco Firewall Services Module
Correct Answer: C

Select and Place:
Correct Answer:
A Cisco Self-Defending Network has been installed, but DoS attacks are still being
directed at e- commerce hosts. The connection rate at the Internet firewall was
limited, but the problem persists.
What more can be done?

A. Move the servers to the DMZ.
B. Install all relevant operating system patches.
C. Block the servers’ TCP traffic at the Internet firewall.
D. Block the servers’ UDP traffic at the Internet firewall.
Correct Answer: B
RST Corporation is planning to upgrade its current network. The chief technology officer has supplied a topology diagram and an IP addressing scheme of the current network during an interview.
RST has been growing at about twenty percent per year. It has been difficult to maintain customer support at a satisfactory level. Therefore, the RST board has met with and directed the chief technology officer to look into network improvements.
Which two items are most relevant in documenting RST’s business requirements? (Choose two.)
A. existing network topologies
B. network performance requirements
C. the IP addresses assigned by the ISP
D. improved customer support requirements
E. projected growth estimates
Correct Answer: DE
Which two design criteria require VLANs in a proposed solution? (Choose two.)
A. the segmenting of collision domains
B. a limited corporate budget
C. the use of multivendor equipment
D. security between departments
E. video streaming on the LAN
F. the segmenting of broadcast domains
Correct Answer: DF
Which two methods are used to enhance VPN performance on Cisco ISRs? (Choose two.)
A. SSL Acceleration Network Module
B. VPN Shared Port Adapter
C. VPN Acceleration Module
D. high-performance VPN encryption AIM
E. VPN Service Adapter
F. built-in hardware-based encryption acceleration
Correct Answer: DF
Which three factors best justify WAN link redundancy between geographically dispersed sites? (Choose three.)
A. high expense of transmitting data
B. important traffic flows
C. excessive packet transmission rate
D. uncertain reliability
E. high link utilization
F. lack of speed
Correct Answer: BDF
The topology map in the draft design document should cover which two layers of the OSI model? (Choose two.)
A. session B. data link
C. transport
D. application
E. physical
F. network
Correct Answer: EF
In a Cisco CatOS switch, what is the recommended practice when configuring switch-to-switch intercommunications to carry multiple VLANs for Dynamic Trunk Protocol?
A. auto to auto_negotiate
B. disable Dynamic Trunk Protocol when operating in the distribution layer
C. auto to auto_no_negotiate
D. desirable to desirable_no_negotiate
E. on to on_negotiate
F. desirable to desirable_negotiate
Correct Answer: E
What are the two most likely driving forces motivating businesses to integrate voice and data into converged networks? (Choose two.)
A. Voice networks cannot carry data unless the PRI circuits aggregate the BRI circuits.
B. Their PSTNs cannot deploy features quickly enough.
C. Data, voice, and video cannot converge on their current PSTN structures.
D. Voice has become the primary traffic on networks.
E. WAN costs can be reduced by migrating to converged networks.
Correct Answer: CE
Which three mechanisms are required to deploy QoS on an IP WAN? (Choose three.)
A. queuing and scheduling
B. Call Admission Control
C. traffic shaping
D. link efficiency techniques
E. traffic classification
F. bandwidth provisioning
Correct Answer: CDE
Which two statements best describe the implementation of Overlay VPN connectivity for remote access in the Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose two.)
A. Bandwidth is provisioned on a site-to-site basis.
B. It uses dedicated point-to-point links.
C. Optimum routing between customer sites requires a full mesh of virtual circuits.
D. It must use Layer 2 labels to forward packets
E. The ISP actively participates in customer routing.
Correct Answer: AC
A manufacturing company has decided to add a website to enhance sales. The web servers in the E-Commerce module must be accessible without compromising network security. Which two design recommendations can be made to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Move the E-Commerce servers to the WAN module.
B. Use intrusion detection on the E-Commerce server farm.
C. Limit the number of incoming connections to the E-Commerce module.
D. Use private and public key encryption.
E. Place E-Commerce servers and application servers on isolated LANs (DMZs).

Correct Answer: BE
A very large organization has received its IPv6 address range from its Internet Service Provider and intends to use only IPv6 addresses internally. Employees will access the Internet using port address translation. What is a requirement for their DNS servers?
A. There are no changes required to their DNS servers.
B. Their DNS servers need to support only IPv6 addresses.
C. Their DNS servers need to support only IPv4 addresses.
D. They need additional DNS servers in their network just for IPv6 addresses.
E. They no longer need DNS servers.
F. Their DNS servers need to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Correct Answer: F

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