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Additional subsystems can be discovered during Use Case Design by noting _____.
A. common subflows between objects on several sequence diagrams
B. similar objects on several sequence diagrams
C. a consistent series of state transitions for multiple classes involved in a use-case realization
D. the same design classes involved in more than one use-case realization

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 22
Which activities are performed during Use Case Design?
A. converting analysis classes into design classes and design subsystems
B. describing persistence-related behavior
C. describing object interactions that implement interface operations
D. simplifying sequence diagrams using design classes

Correct Answer: B
On a sequence diagram, what is used to represent a specific subsystem?
A. an interface that the subsystem realizes
B. a subsystem proxy
C. a subsystem component
D. a subsystem class

Correct Answer: C
Which UML elements are used to describe the physical architecture of a system?
A. classes and relationships
B. objects and messages
C. subsystems and dependencies
D. nodes and connectors

Correct Answer: D
Which artifact is used to describe use-case realizations?
A. textual use-case descriptions
B. communication diagrams
C. state charts
D. activity diagrams
Correct Answer: B
What defines a subsystems responsibilities?
A. its internal class behavior
B. the operations of the interfaces it implements
C. the use-case realizations in which the subsystem appears
D. the operations on a class contained within the subsystem
Correct Answer: B
Which is a design mechanism?
A. Persistency
B. ObjectStore Object-oriented Database
C. Distribution
D. Remote Method Invocation
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28
To begin identifying design mechanisms, you start by categorizing analysis mechanisms. What are three steps in the process of Categorizing Analysis Mechanisms? (Choose three.)
A. identify characteristic profiles for each analysis mechanism
B. identify the clients of each analysis mechanism
C. assign a vendor implementation to each analysis mechanism
D. group clients according to their use of characteristic profiles

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 29
In Subsystem Design, what happens in the step, Distribute Subsystem Responsibilities?
A. The subsystems responsibilities are allocated to its internal design elements.
B. Each subsystem is checked to ensure it has a consistent set of responsibilities and inconsistentresponsibilities are reassigned to other subsystems.
C. Libraries and external APIs are identified to realize the subsystem behavior.
D. Distribution mechanisms are detailed for exposing subsystem interfaces.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 30
Which entity has a well-defined boundary and identity that encapsulates state and behavior?
A. class
B. object
C. component
D. package

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