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A customer has a requirement which is currently unavailable in an out-of-the-box product.
Who would be able to assist in troubleshooting the customer when developing a custom solution?
A. IBM Sales
B. IBM Support
C. IBM LAB Services
D. Raise an enhancement request with IBM
Answer: C
A customer’s IT infrastructure includes ten different directories, one for each country branch. The customer now needs a single directory for some centralized applications. The customer would like to make as few changes in the environment as possible.
Which product do you recommend?
A. IBM Security Identity Manager
B. IBM Security Directory Server
C. IBM Security Directory Integrator
D. IBM Security Access Manager for Web
Answer: C
A company is planning to design an identity and access management solution across multiple data centers which will automate the user life cycle management and streamline their access management process.
Which two key design principles should be factored in for designing a comprehensive identity and access management solution? (Choose two.)
A. Design for integrity
B. Design with single zone
C. Design for accountability
D. Design for single layer of defense
E. Design for single data center and then extend it
Answer: C,D
Which scenario is typical for onboarding a new web application into IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On?
A. Use AccessStudio to create a profile in the test environment. Confirm the profile works and use it directly in the production environment.
B. Create a junction configuration in the test environment, confirm successful authentication, export configuration from test import into production environment.
C. Use AccessStudio directly in production environment to create a new application profile, confirm by using the test functionality in AccessStudio, and upload new application profile to production IMS server.
D. Use AccessStudio to create a new application profile. Add a condition so the profile is only available to your test users. After confirmation of the test users, remove the condition to enable the profile for all users in the production environment.
Answer: D
A company is using IBM Security Access Manager and wants to extend the functionality of the help desk users so that they can assist the end user in troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Which WebSEAL functionality is used to allow help desk users to assume the identity of the user who is a member of the Security Access Manager Domain?
A. Switch User function
B. Switch Admin function
C. Transfer User function
D. Switch Application function
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 6

A company is using IBM Security Access Manager for Web solution for all applications.
What is the business advantage of this solution?
A. Identity management of different systems
B. Focus of all Web traffic through a single path
C. Compromise of the Internet-facing firewall results in limited security exposure.
D. Reduced cost by moving substantial amounts of Web infrastructure back into their internal networks
Answer: C
A company wants full visibility into network, application, and user activity events. It wants to monitor events and logs captured from various devices.
Which additional benefit will this company get after deploying the IBM Security QRadar solution?
A. Directory integration
B. Secured Web applications
C. Management of user identities
D. Rich compliance-reporting capabilities
Answer: D
A customer is not allowing the usage of self-signed certificates in its production environment. The customer has its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and all certificates should be issued by this Certification Authority using their internal processes.
What needs to be done when going into production with the IBM Security products from the Identity and Access Assurance software bundle?
A. Configure all security components to use the PKI from the customer. Required certificates will automatically be generated and trusted during installation.
B. Use the IBM keytool to reconfigure all communication channels to use one single certificate issued by the Certification Authority of the Customer. Put the Certification Authority certificate in the truststore of the keytool.
C. Identify all communication channels using SSL, and create Certificate Signing Requests for them. After receiving the certificates, configure all secure communication channels to use these certificates, and install the Certification Authority certificate in the truststore of all involved components.
D. Identity all communication channels using SSL, and extract the involved self-signed certificates. Submit these to the Certification Authority of the customer to be cross-signed. Reconfigure the communication channels to use these new certificates and put the Certification Authority certificate in the truststore of all involved components.
Answer: B
A health care facility requires its physicians and staff to complete certain courses offered through its learning management system, prior to getting accounts and access in its patient management application.
Which functional requirement aligns with this business requirement?
A. Accounts in the patient management system must be manually provisioned by Service Desk.
B. Physicians and staff must complete required training courses prior to being allowed to login to the network.
C. The learning management system must also support provisioning functions, in order to meet this business requirement.
D. During onboarding, physicians and staff must be granted login to the network and the learning management system in order to access the required courses.
Answer: D
A company has a full deployment of the IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance software bundle.
IBM Security Access Manager for Web is configured to use IBM Directory Server as user repository. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory. IBM Security Access Manager for Web is also protecting access to the IBM Security Identity Manager Self-Service and Console web portals. IBM Security Identity Manager is using IBM Directory Server as directory store and IBM DB2 as database store. HR feed is configured through IBM Security Directory Integrator polling the HR system’s database.
Employees of this company, acting as Identity Provider in a circle of trust setup with the company as Service Provider, can no longer successfully access the B2B web portal of this company.
Which knowledge would be required to troubleshoot this problem?
A. Federation Administration, Windows Administration, Web Server fundamentals, and networking fundamentals
B. Windows Administration, LDAP Administration, Web Server fundamentals, and knowledge of ISAM ACL policies
C. Knowledge of ISAM ACL policies,Websphere fundamentals, Windows Administration, and Federation Administration
D. Websphere fundamentals, Federation Administration, knowledge of ISAM ACL policies, and networking fundamentals
Answer: A
A company hosts a number of web applications which are protected using IBM Security Access Manager. The company needs to step up authentication for some of the mission critical applications.
Which WebSEAL functionality is used to ask the user to perform additional login (re-authentication)?
A. Authorization Rules
B. Access control lists (ACL’s)
C. Protected object policy (POP)
D. External authentication interface (EAI)
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 12

A customer has multiple Active Directory sites across the globe. The customer has to provision users to these sites that are geographically dispersed.
Which policy would be appropriate to use to achieve using IBM Security Identity Manager?
A. Provisioning Policy
B. Recertification Policy
C. Service Selection Policy
D. Separation of Duty Policy
Answer: A
What is an example of IBM’s user-based licensing type?
A. Public user
B. Private user
C. Authorized user
D. Authenticated user
Answer: C
Which software component is relevant to an IBM Security Identity Manager deployment when considering a high-availability solution?
A. LDAP Database
B. Java Messaging service
C. Web Administration Tool (WAT)
D. Self-service user interface (SSUI)
Answer: B
A company is looking for load distribution/failover option for LDAP authentication.
Which product is recommended to satisfy the need?
A. IBM Security Directory Server Proxy
B. IBM Security Federated Identity Manager
C. IBM Security Access Manager Proxy Policy Server
D. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
Answer: D
A customer uses IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) for Web Application protection and Single Sign-On. Because of recent mergers and acquisitions, many more applications have been configured with ISAM and the user base has almost doubled in last two months. After the merger, a number of users reported website down issues on a daily basis.
Which two issues need to be taken into consideration after such a change in the system configuration? (Choose two.)
A. Scalability of ISAM components
B. Availability of ISAM components
C. Reduction of data handled by the ISAM components
D. Encryption of communication between ISAM components
E. Improvement in the hardware used by the users to access the websites
Answer: B,D QUESTION NO: 17

The customer is considering implementing IBM Security Identity Manager.
What is the benefit of adding IBM Security Identity Manager to the customer’s existing environment?
A. Reduced cost
B. Single Sign-On
C. Auditing of attempts to access the application
D. Eliminates the need to manage the identities at the application level
Answer: B
The CEO of a financial organization is frustrated by the number of usernames and passwords required to remember to access different applications within the enterprise. The CEO tasks his CSO to find a single sign on solution to address this issue.
Which IBM Security product would help address the CSO’s problem?
A. IBM Security Identity Manager
B. IBM Federated Identity Manager
C. IBM Security Access Manager for Web
D. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign on
Answer: D
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