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Question No : 1
A client has purchased a Flex System with a Flex System Manager (FSM) and a p260 node. Which of the following isthe most cost-effective procedure to install the VIO server?
A. Engage Lab Services to complete the installation
B. Use the external USB DVD RAM that IBM delivers with a Flex System
C. Copy the VIO ISO images onto the FSM and use the installios command
D. Launch the Remote Control from the FSM and remote mount the VIO ISO images from your workstation

Answer: C
Question No : 2
A client requires the following management functions of their PureFlex environment:

Which management function is used toexecute these tasks?
A. IBM PowerSC
B. IBM SmartCloud Entry
C. IBM Flex System Manager
D. IBM Chassis Management Module

Answer: C
Question No : 3
A client has a PureFlex system and needs to upgrade their Flex System V7000 Storage
Node. Which interface would be used to accomplish this?
B. BIOS upgrade
C. Chassis Manager
D. Flex Node Interface GUI

Answer: A
Question No : 4
The client seeks to reduce cost and complexity in a highly virtualized x86 environment. They want the network policies to migrate automatically along with mobile virtual machines to ensure that security, performance and access remains intact as virtual machines move from server to server. VMware is their virtualization standard. Which option will provide a complete solution?
A. Switches capable to support 802.1 QBG
B. Cisco Nexus 1000V on IBM VMready Switches
C. IBM Switch-resident IBM VMready capability
D. IBM Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Virtual

Answer: D
Question No : 5

A client wants to provide a Flex solutionthat compares to a standard Power 750 running PowerVM and AIX. The client asks for a Flex System compute node with similar capacity and scalability for processor and memory. Which node should be discussed with the prospect?
A. Flex node p270
B. Flex nodep24L
C. Flex node p260
D. Flex node p460

Answer: D
Question No : 6
A client has a need for a Linux based solution that requires a large amount of memory. The application runs on either x86 or Power nodes. Which of the following nodes would provide the maximum memory configuration?
A. p460
B. x440
C. p24L
D. x240

Answer: B Question No : 7
A client has a number of Power servers that are virtualized and boot from FC SAN with dual VIO servers. The client is considering consolidation of server and networkhardware (LAN and SAN) while maximizing the return on investment by leveraging existing shared FC storage. Which option meets the client requirements?
A. Utilize FCoE to boot the VIO servers
B. Utilize iSCSI to boot the VIO servers
C. Continue to use FC SAN for the VIO servers
D. Use a pair of internal drives to provide for the VIO servers

Answer: A
Question No : 8
The IBM Flex System Interoperability Guide is a handy reference document but its information is only as accurate as of its most recentpublication date. Where would the technical expert find the latest complete information on supported FCoE configurations?
A. The FC-BB-5 standards documentation
B. IBM Flex System product development
C. Reference IBM’s ServerProven web page
D. IBM SystemStorage Interoperation Center (SSIC)

Answer: D
Question No : 9
A client wants to see how the 900 GB 10k drives would be used in a RAID 5 set to migrate their 30 TB of storage. Which tool can the technical expert use to show the layout for Flex System V7000 Storage Node?
A. Disk Magic
B. Capacity Magic
C. TCOnow! for Disk
D. IBM Flex System TCO Analysis

Answer: B
Question No : 10
A client wants a PureFlex Express configuration with an additional EN4093R 10Gb Scalable Switch module for redundancy. The Power nodes in the configuration have four-port 10Gb NICs and the client applications planned for the Power nodes will require the use of all four of those ports. What must the technical expert include in the configuration to meet this requirement?
A. An additional pair of EN4093R 10Gb Scalable Switch modules
B. IBM Flex System CN4054 Virtual Fabric Adapter Upgrade for each CN4054 adapter
C. IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093 10Gb Scalable Switch (Upgrade 1) for each switch
D. IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093 10GbScalable Switch (Upgrade 2) for each switch

Answer: C
Question No : 11
A large enterprise client wants to perform a benchmark on a PureFlex System to compare the performance against a competitive solution. What is the best way for the client to proceed?
A. Try and Buy a PureFlex System and let the client perform the benchmark
B. Lease a PureFlex System from a Business Partner and have the Partner perform the benchmark
C. Invite the client to the local IBM Client Center (ICC) and have the ICC perform thebenchmark
D. Visit an IBM Products and Solutions Support Center (PSSC) and have the PSSC perform the benchmark

Answer: D
Question No : 12
Exhibit: In order to support the client’s requirement for FCoE with the 10Gb Virtual Fabric Ethernet LAN-on-motherboard (LOM) which optional feature must be included?

A. A second CPU that matches the first one installed
B. IBM Flex System Embedded 10Gb Virtual Fabric Upgrade
C. IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093 10Gb Scalable Switch (Upgrade 1)C.IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093 10Gb Scalable Switch (Upgrade 1)
D. IBM Flex System Fabric CN4093 Converged Scalable Switch (Upgrade 2)D.IBM Flex System Fabric CN4093 Converged Scalable Switch (Upgrade 2)
Answer: B

Question No : 13

The Managed Service Provider isconsidering a PureFlex or Flex System solution but wants to ensure that it integrates with their existing Storwize V7000 environment. They need to be able to rapidly expand their storage while continuing to manage it as a single entity. What is the best solution for this scenario?
A. PureFlex with Storwize V7000
B. Flex System with Storwize V3700
C. Flex System with Storwize V7000 Unified
D. PureFlex with Flex System V7000 Storage NodeD.PureFlex with Flex System V7000 Storage Node

Answer: A
Question No : 14
For comparing the x86 IBM Flex System offering with the Cisco UCS offering, a client wants to know how much energy the IBM Flex System will be consuming. The energy consumption based on label ratings is not sufficient. What tool would the technical expert use to determine this?
A. The IBM Power Configurator
B. The IBM System Planning Tool
C. The IBM Systems Workload Estimator
D. The IBM Systems Energy Estimator Tool

Answer: A
Question No : 15
On a PureFlex system, how can an FSM be recovered if the management software is inoperable because of misconfiguration or corruption, but the management node hardware is operational and the hard drives have not failed?
A. Call smcli restore from the FSM CLI to restore the FSM
B. Call IBM Support and request a replacement of the FSM ITE
C. Connect to the Internet, download a new FSM image and install it over the IMM connection to the FSM
D. Boot while pressing F12 and select the recovery partition as the boot device, then run a full system recovery

Answer: D
Question No : 16
The client has three independent redundant SAN fabrics: One for development, one for validation and one for production. The client will use a chassis with x240 nodes to connect these SAN fabrics. What is the best solution for the client?
A. Use two CN4054 adapters and two EN4093 switches, each with two FoD enhancements
B. Use two CN4058 adapters and two CN4093 switches, each with two FoD enhancements
C. Use two CN4058 adapters and four EN4093 switches, each with one FoD enhancement
D. Use oneCN4054 adapter, LOM, and four CN4093 switches with FoD enhancements throughout

Answer: D
Question No : 17
A client has expressed a desire to utilize an existing current model HMC to manage Power compute nodes in a Flex Chassis which also contains x86 compute nodes and an IBM Flex
System V7000 Storage Node. The client also stated the ability to have SAN zones automatically built when creating storage volumes is more important in this environment. How should a technical expert respond to these statements?
A. Use an FSM and an HMC to manage the individual tasks.
B. Utilize only an FSM to manage the entire environment.
C. An HMC used with IBM Network Advisor will satisfy both requirements.
D. Install the IBM Network Advisor Power Compute Node plugin into theHMC.

Answer: B
Question No : 18
A client has an implementation of SmartCloud Entry 2.1, and they want to install several features of Microsoft Hyper-V including Flavor management and IPv4/IPv6 network management. How can the client accomplish this?
A. Upgrade to SmartCloud Entry 2.4
B. Upgrade to SmartCloud Entry 3.1
C. Install Microsoft Hyper-V Integration Services
D. Install Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit for Hyper-V

Answer: B
Question No : 19
In a Flex System solution, what is mostlikely to prevent the cloud enablement of PowerVM workloads when leveraging SmartCloud Entry?
A. Support for Oracle workloads
B. Integration with Cisco networking
C. Sub-capacity licensing for Oracle
D. Compatibility with third party storage

Answer: D
Question No : 20
An x86 based PureFlex prospect currently has the following environment and requirements: The Fibre Channel adapter vendor they are standardized on is Emulex. The switch vendor they are standardized on is Brocade. Connectivity is 16Gbps. They need 4 ports per adapter. Which of the following combinations of switch and adapter is required for Fibre Channel connectivity?
A. Switch FC5024 and adapter FC5022
B. Switch FC5022 and adapter FC5054
C. Switch FC5044 and adapter FC5054
D. Switch FC3022 and adapter FC3022

Answer: B
Question No : 21
A cost conscious client wants to purchase a two POWER node PureFlex solution. Each node will have 16 cores, two AIX LPARs, and they need four ports of FCoE communications. A critical requirement is therecan be no single point of failure. Which solution will meet all the client’s requirements?
A. p24L
B. p460
C. p270
D. p260

Answer: B
Question No : 22
A client purchased a Flex System six months ago. They configured the management with local useraccounts in the CMMs. They recently purchased the FSM and installed it in the system. After configuring the FSM all local CMM user accounts are disabled, and a new user RECOVER_ID has been created. What is the cause of this behavior?
A. The CMM LDAP Server service is stopped on the FSM
B. The FSM LDAP Server authenticated against the company LDAP server
C. The “centralized management” feature has been activated on the FSM
D. The client tried more than 3 times to log on with a false Userid or Password

Answer: C
Question No : 23
A client wishes to provide a Flex solution that compares to a standard Intelligent Cluster x3750 M4 servers running Windows Server 2008. The client asks for a Flex System compute node with similar processor capacity and scalability. Which node should be discussed with the prospect?
A. Flex node x220
B. Flex node x222
C. Flex node x240
D. Flex node x440

Answer: D
Question No : 24
A Managed Services Partner (MSP) has multiple PureFlex racks, each with a Flex System V7000 Storage Node. They are monitoring usage and are concerned that they will soon run out of space in the storage. Floor and rack space is constrained. They have a very high number of VMs and the application infrastructure is very complex, with many multi-purpose applications. They are concerned that licensing additional features and functions on all the storage systems could be costly and ineffective. What tool can be used to find out which storage node or nodes would benefit from licensing additional features?
A. Disk Magic
B. Comprestimator
C. SAN Volume Controller
D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Answer: B
Question No : 25
Which statement is true about Flex System security?
A. It can be accessed via the CMM CLI through Telnet while using the Secure securitypolicy setting.
B. The CMM only provides two levels of security policy: Legacy and Secure, which are not customizable.
C. All Flex System Compute Nodes support the Trusted Platform Module that combine secure software and hardware to create a trusted platform.
D. The CMM security policies include hardware-related communication-protocol controls, account-related access controls, and application access control.

Answer: B
Question No : 26
On a PureFlex system, how can the FSM be restored from a previous backup?
A. The FSM can be restored from a backup on the local hard drive, a supported USB device or a Secure FTP Server.
B. The FSM can only be restored from a backup on the local hard drive. This is the only location where a backup can be stored.
C. The FSMcannot be backed up completely; only specific information like EAPs can be saved. It must be reinstalled and the startup wizard run again.
D. The FSM can only be restored on a non-configured FSM. The FSM must be reinstalled/reset and then the backup can beinstalled from the local hard drive.

Answer: A
Question No : 27
A client wants to purchase a PureFlex solution. Their solution will require 24 ports per Power node to meet their I/O needs. With cost as a consideration, which node will meet the client requirements?
A. A 24-core p270 node with four CN4093 switches
B. A 32-core p460 node with four CN4093 switches
C. A 16-core p24L node with two each EN4093 and FC5022 switches
D. A 24-core p270 node with two each EN4093 and FC5022 switches

Answer: B Question No : 28
Which is an advantage of IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator as compared with IBM SmartCloud Entry?
A. Multi-tenancy, isolation
B. Workload Aware Management
C. Self Service Portal for VM Provisioning
D. Automatic Fault Tolerant hardware and software

Answer: B
Question No : 29

The technical expert is designing a solution to replace the existing server environment.
What configuration will most likely be successful in a highly competitive bid scenario?

A. Flex System using existing XIV and Brocade SAN
B. PureFlex Express with Storwize V7000 used to virtualize the XIV
C. Flex System with existing XIV externally virtualized by Storwize V7000
D. PureFlex Enterprise with existing XIV externally virtualized by Flex System V7000

Answer: A
Question No : 30
Which I/O modules can support end-to-end FCoE between a compute node with a CN4054 10Gb Adapter (with the FCoE upgrade) and an IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node?
A. Only the CN4093
B. Only the EN4093R
C. Any IBM 10Gb Ethernet I/O module
D. Any IBM Fibre Channel I/O module

Answer: A
Question No : 31
A hardware error is automatically reported to IBM. An IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093R switch with upgrade 2 needs to be replaced. The technician is going to the client with the new switch andreplaces the switch. What additional step must be taken for the new switch to be operational?
A. Configure the new switch by hand and copy the old upgrade licenses onto the new switch
B. Request a new Upgrade license key via the Features On Demand webpageand configure the switch by hand
C. Buy Upgrade 1 and Upgrade 2 again to link this with the new part number of the new switch and configure the switch by hand
D. Do nothing; the switch configuration is automatically copied from the Flex System Manager tothe switch including the upgrade licenses
Answer: B

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