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What is the purpose of the Identify Design Mechanisms activity?
A. to refine the analysis mechanisms and specify the exact implementation of the mechanism
B. to provide a conceptual set of services that is used by analysis objects
C. to refine analysis mechanisms into design mechanisms, based on the constraints imposed bythe implementation environment
D. to define design placeholders in the architecture so the architecting effort remains focused andis less likely to become sidetracked

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 32
In a dependency, through what reference does the client class gain visibility to the supplier?
A. local reference
B. parameter reference
C. global reference
D. field reference

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 33
In which Analysis and Design activity are subsystems mapped to analysis classes?
A. Architectural Analysis
B. Identify Design Elements
C. Identify Subsystems
D. Incorporate Existing Design Elements

Correct Answer: B
Which design element is used to represent a concurrent object?
A. active class
B. capsule
C. design class
D. event

Correct Answer: A
The Describe Distribution activity is where the processes defined in the Describe the Run-time Architecture activity are allocated to _____.
A. physical nodes
B. components
C. classes
D. activities

Correct Answer: A
During Subsystem Design, how many interaction diagrams (sequence or communication) should be created?
A. at least one interaction diagram per interface operation
B. one interaction diagram per interface realization
C. at least one interaction diagram for each use of an external interface
D. one interaction diagram for each realizing class
Correct Answer: A
A directed graph of nodes connected by transitions is a _____ diagram.
A. communication
B. sequence
C. component
D. state machine
Correct Answer: D
Click on the exhibit button. . In the diagram, what is F?
A. fork
B. initial state
C. decision
D. transition
E. final state
F. event
G. state
H. guard condition

Correct Answer: F
Use Case Design is part of which workflow detail?
A. Design Use Cases
B. Analyze Behavior
C. Design Components
D. Design Classes and Subsystems

Correct Answer: C
When does an analysis class map directly to a design class?
A. when the analysis class uses the <entity> stereotype
B. when the analysis class represents a single logical abstraction
C. when the modeling tool supports transformation of Analysis Models to Design
D. when an analyst has strong design skills

Correct Answer: B
What is a design subsystems primary purpose?
A. provides configuration management and model organization
B. encapsulates behavior
C. packages similar design classes together
D. represents external systems

Correct Answer: B
What is the purpose of subsystem design?
A. finalizes the details of each interface implemented by the subsystems in an application
B. breaks the system up into subsystems in order to allocate subsystems to development teams
C. defines the behaviors specified in the subsystem’s interfaces in terms of collaborations ofcontained design elements
D. defines on which tier each subsystem will be implemented and the communicationmechanisms used between them
Correct Answer: C
Click on the exhibit button. . In the diagram, what are C1 and C2?
A. forks
B. initial states
C. decisions
D. transitions
E. final states
F. events
G. states

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